Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The Magpie & I

aje virgil sequin skirt

It's undeniable that us humans are really just animals in fancy clothes.
Having already forced you, dear reader, into an animal; I won't
impose upon you any specific animal. Free will and all that.
Me? I'm pretty sure I'm a magpie. Not because I'm a fan of the
monochrome 'do or because I like to swoop down on unsuspecting
children whilst squawking. No, there's one distinct characteristic that 
bind together the common magpie and I. 

We like sparkling things.

Like you didn't see that coming. What else could it be when the
post started off with the absolutely gorgeous, dazzling,
effervescent, shimmering and most importantly, sequinned Aje skirt?
How can you not fall for the undone tulle embellishment,
the subtly provocative wrap hem or the multi-tonal sequins?

I'm really not obsessed.

And this really isn't my third Aje skirt (and counting...)

x k

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

in the (metaphorical) dark

Bardot knit top // Zara scarf-print skirt // Mulberry Alexa clutch // Glamourpuss heels // Chloe sunglasses

Some outfits come together without explanation or reason; the sartorial cliche
of getting dressed in the dark? This combination was nothing more than a
whimsy to wear my scarf-print skirt and this knitted top happening to be
at the top of my clothing pile. I'm still new to the whole print-on-print trend 
but I'm liking what I see so far. Given my innate aversion to the
clashing of prints, by nature not choice, perhaps that it how I should embrace 
the trend i.e. by getting dressed in the metaphorical dark.

x k

Monday, 29 October 2012


1/ Spring means finding beautiful flowers on the sidewalk
wearing: one teaspoon shorts & wanted shoes
2/ my version of after work drinks 
i.e. ice coffee- shaken not stirred
3/ working in the city = being dangerously close to all the shoes
one teaspoon knitted shorts (also worn here) and office wear?
4/ homemade french toast made by ze lovely mz lorah
thanks for the special ingredient! :D
5/ contemplating, contemplating, forever contemplating
kind of regretting my decision against this Equipment shirt now, worn with 7FAM jeans (worn here)
6/ pad thai that looked better than it tasted
7/ I kid you not, walked all the way from Paddington to Bondi
wearing: Bassike shirt (worn here & here) Isabel Marant ra-ra skirt, Senso Bertina boots (worn here)
8/ seriously, instagram more like foodstagram- or instafood
ms chu deliciousness (see more here)
9/ feel in love with this michael lo sordo shirt (see behind meeee)
but the collar looked all funny on me, so I decided to take a picture of me and the funky lights in the change room instead
wearing: ksubi tee, isabel marant skirt, topshop shoes

Hope y'all had a lovely weekend!
I know I did, if you haven't- go and watch Hotel Transylvania. Don't underestimate the power of a good kid's movie

x k

Saturday, 27 October 2012

my immortal beloved CHANEL VELVET BAG

image source: la modella mafia

My immortal beloved,

My angel, my all, my very self-  and so starts the trio of love letters that will 
put many a man to shame especially in an age where romance has been compressed 
to a series of 140 carefully curated characters via a little blue bird or shaving a love 
heart onto your back(hair). I don't profess to be an expert on this subject (whether it's 
love or romance), otherwise what use would we have for a flying male toddler 
haphazardly shooting arrows around? 

Savage Garden once said, I knew I loved you before I met you, and boy 
when I first heard that Chanel was going to launch velvet versions of the boy 
bag I felt excitement that could only be described as euphoria, then anticipation
and then finally queasiness. The last emotion is solely attributed to fear that 
good on paper may result in disastrous circumstances; 
just one of the many things that Sex & the City taught me. 

But when you finally encounter that illusive, but perhaps too superfluously professed love,
Because, when I first saw Miroslava Duma sauntering around with, not one, 
but two of these beauties- my thoughts go out to you, my Immortal Beloved,
 now and then joyfully, then sadly, waiting to learn whether or not fate 
will hear us- I can live only wholly with you or not at all

Another lesson that I learnt off Sex & the City (i.e. the bible) is that we're allowed more 
than one great love in our lives. The Chanel Velvet Boy Bag may not realise how 
absolutely perfect we'd be together, but that's okay, I know that they'll be 
many others that I will fall for and get rejected by my credit card company.

But that's the thing with great loves, I'll always carry it in my heart
and evidently, on my blog.

ever thine
ever mine
ever ours

Thursday, 25 October 2012

denim skirt revival

Bassike denim skirt // Country Road checked shirt // Witchery cardigan // Alexander Wang danica shoes

Spring is the perfect time to start experimenting with layers,
especially anything in the form of a long coat-like cardigan.
This Witchery cardigan is the perfect solution to warm
days and chilly nights.

I never thought I'd see the day where I'm wearing a
short denim skirt again; although they were pretty much my
uniform in high school. But the way that this Bassike
skirt is distressed and sits nonchalantly between
my hips and waist- I love.

x k

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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

hello hips!

For as far back as I can remember, magazines and pseudo-style reality shows have banged on about "hide yo hips" and "find yo waist"; "cater for your own body shape" As admirable thought as that is, it's all a load of horsecrap to me. The whole concept of finding your individual body shape and then spending the next two pages/minutes/life-that-i'll-never-get-back catering for those with hips and waists (i.e. the hourglass figure)...I find insulting. What about the rest of us who don't actually have hips or a waist? Mine are excellent at playing hide-n-seek. True story.

Who's going to give me back my teenage years of belting where I thought I had a waist (but didn't), using clever cuts to hide my hips (which weren't there) or showing off my svelte upper body (which didn't exist)? The inner lawyer in me feels like someone should be held accountable but that's all been placated by one genius: a certain Helmut Lang

Caution: this isn't for the faint of heart or wide of hips!

I tried on the Helmut Lang helix asymmetrical skirt (white here and here) in black the other day at Tuchuzy and you have no idea how happy I was to greet my hips! That perfect draping right across the front of the skirt does wonders in giving my the illusion of hips and balancing out my heavier upper half. The asymmetrical hem gives it instant cool factor, especially when tried on my with Bertina boots (see post below!). Sizing wise, I'm comparatively narrow at the bottom but a pretty standard 26-27 in J Brand jeans so when there was only one more skirt left in P (which is XS) and I pretty much poured myself into it and poof(!) my life was complete. Now I'm debating the white one- quite perfect for summer, non? 

x k

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

miss chu sunday

On the weekends, I always want to put an extra thought into my outfit.
I'm not sure if its just because I have that luxury in the morning or a
celebration of not having to wear office wear. I'm not sure if it shows in the
photo but these knitted shorts are the perfect amount of weekend slouch and 
metallic detailing. Plus, these Bertina boots are beyond amazing, they show the 
perfect amount of ankle and are surprisingly comfortable. I wore them that other
day whilst walking from Desordre to Bondi Westfield and if you're from
Sydney, you would understand how long that walk is; although there were
pit-stops along the way.

I remember back in high school when I used to avoid colour like crazy; always
sticking to the blacks, whites, greys and sometimes pink. Now, I'm exactly sure when
it happened but now I don't seem comfortable leaving the house without some splashes of
colour in my outfit. As much as I want to enjoy simple white tee and jeans, I just
don't feel comfortable- which is actually rather ironic considering the sartorial choice.
However, there are always ways to remedy that situation- lots of colourful arm
candy, a bright statement necklace or in this case, a brightly coloured beaded

x k

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Saturday, 20 October 2012

awkward eye contact

Stylestalker shirt // Current/Elliot jeans // Witchery beanie & bag // Acne Rise boots

Sometimes when you're on your way to uni and you've somehow decided to wear
green polka jeans to a very no-frills corporations law class; you have to resist every 
man-repelling fibre of your body telling you to inevitably pair it with an equally 
interestingly patterned top. Who says the pants should have all the fun?

But then you have to ask yourself:
Do you really want to be dressed to attract attention when you've done zero readings?
Sometimes it's all about business on top (to avoid awkward eye-contact with the lecturer
that just asked something that you can't even decipher the question of) and party at the bottom.
And I didn't even have my party shoes on. Which ideally should be tasseled Louboutins 
in a flamingo pink.

What's your favourite outfit to avoid awkward lecturer eye contact? 
Besides skipping class all together.

x k

Thursday, 18 October 2012


Rag & Bone knit // Sportsgirl jacket // One Teaspoon 'baggies' jeans // RMK shoes // Country Road tote

I really, really wanted to show you guys these jeans that I recently added to
my One Teaspoon family, so you'll have to put up with the Instagram shot. I spied 
these at the Sydney Westfield One Teaspoon store and 
was immediately drawn to the colour and fit. 

In actuality, the colour of both the jeans and the knit isn't that bright; Instagram 
filters have a way of doing things like that (it's a nasty habit really). I've had a soft
spot for ripped denim since my first pair of J Brand jean (remember these babies?)
and these One Teaspoon pair are in the most intriguing shade of light blue 
with a slight grey undertone. It's almost, almost reminds me of an acid wash...
except without the actual acid wash- so really just bleach (feel free to ignore
me if I'm confusing you even more). Anyways, I sized up 3 sizes 
to get the extreme baggy look and so that I can differentiate this pair of 
boyfriend jeans to my other J Brand Aidans (worn here, here and here).

It's the perfect solution for lazy and uninspired outfit days
Ripped jeans add instant bad-ass to your wardrobe
But you already know that.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

spring whites

spring whites

Spring always means different things to me; its about learning to let go of your bulky winter
layers without feeling vulnerable, its about downing hayfever medication like its going
out of fashion, its about stocking up on Zimmermann bikinis during the warehouse sale, its 
about faking your tan until proper beach weather and if you're in sydney these past few weeks
then it has really just been about temperamental weather and trying your best to not get sick (which, fyi-
i failed miserably at).

I know I've already done my "spring" post (here and here) but with this weather that we've been 
having lately- I feel like every other day is a "first day of spring". Not so much due to unbelievably
sunny and "springy" weather, but more so the terrible winter days in between. 

This is my ideal outfit to combat the sometimes-winter-sometimes-summer weather that 
we've been getting lately. The perfect A.L.C Mirabelle dress (here and on sale here
which I'm patiently (not really)waiting for to go on further discount, to wear 
with these amazing Giuseppe Zanotti booties that will fill the Alaia left hole in my 
heart (read more about my heartache here). Since I'm already dreaming out of my 
price range, I may as well wear it with an exotic skin Celine luggage from which is pretty
much ideal for this weather (or for any weather, as a matter of fact). And of course, no outfit is 
complete without sun and wrist protection; courtesy of Chanel, Gorjana, Fallon & Dannijo.

It's almost two months until christmas. I hope Santa is taking notes (in his Smythson diary, of course)
That's my kind of Santa. 

x k

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Sunday, 14 October 2012

daytime sequins

Dotti tank // Forever New sequin jacket // Raven Denim chinos // Converse (not pictured)

I'm not quite sure how this outfit came about; I can probably pinpoint it down to an essential need to wear sequins and the all-consuming fear that comes with wearing sequins during the daytime. Okay, to be honest that was a tad overdramatic, Sass & Bide has repeatedly proved that sequins should be flaunted and not hidden during the daytime but this jacket really did need to be toned down. These pants were at the top of the pile and I was out the door after chucking on a pair of converses. I didn't realise how odd it looked until I saw these photos. But fashion is meant to be fun and irrelevant. Embrace it baby.

x k

Thursday, 11 October 2012

i watch you move & i can't think straight

I actually promised myself that I'd stop posting editorials, because then I'd be clogging your google reader/bloglovin/internet explorer (dear god, I hope not) with images that are probably already flooding the internet. BUT I couldn't resist with these, it's a mixture of Australian pride and genuine love when I see Miranda Kerr but this editorial really nails it. The styling by Gillian Wilkins is truly amazing and I'm loving the abundance of Australian designers set in the suburban background. 


x k


photo courtesy of tommy ton via

In the past few years, the rise of street style photos during fashion week has risen to such prominence that season after season I'm equally parts excited to see what's sashaying down the runway as I am to see what Christine Centenera and Taylor Tomasi Hill are wearing.  These photos provide a rare glimpse into the world of fashion superpowers and the one thing that binds all these photos together is the common look of nonchalance. They never seem to be fazed by their surroundings or by the outfit next to theirs; even if its Anna Dello Russo all bedazzled out in as chandelier. That's probably why I love this picture, it's comforting to know that the unfazed are susceptible to moments of weakness too.

Because, if I was at fashion week. I would be so  uncomfortably amazed and indefinitely embarrassed that I couldn't pick my jaw up from the ground. I guess I'll just have to drag it around with me. I think this is what normal teenage girls feel feel about One Direction. 

x k

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

black & gold

Zara leather singlet // Ellery Wei Wei skirt in gold // Rag & Bone Portobello shorts // Neon Hart gold sequinned tank

This is the result of a rainy day stuck indoors and intense euphoria in finding the last leather singlet from Zara in Sydney.  I love the contrasting texture of the delicate gold fabric/sequin with the buttery soft leather of the singlet and shorts. Perhaps not the most everyday outfits but that's what makes it special. 

x k

Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Sportsgirl white shirt // Chicwish shorts // Topshop belt // Miu Miu bag

Nothing beats the versatility of a simple white shirt. It's pretty much a staple in my wardrobe so it's no wonder that I have collected a huge quantity of white shirts in different cuts and materials. Recently I've been trying to cull my wardrobe to make it more 'capsule' and it has been eye-opening to see the sheer amount, of what is essentially the same time of clothing in my closet when in reality I only ever see to reach for my Bassike white tees and Equipment silk shirts. I hate myself for my need to collect staples, it really undermines the whole idea of having an essential item that I can always reach for when I collect too many of the same "staple". 

I've really been trying to not buy anymore 'repeats' and just concentrate on being pieces that will last, even if it means splurging a little bit. But somethings, it's hard to draw the line between when it's an appropriate splurge (i.e. when I will get lots of wear out of it) or an inappropriate splurge (i.e. when I think I'll wear it everyday from now and until forever but never do). Which is why I've decided to sell some of things on ebay, wish me luck!

x k

Monday, 1 October 2012

pink diamonds.

Bassike white tee // Maurie & Eve shorts // 3.1 Phillip Lim d'orsay heels

I fell in love with these shorts almost as soon as I saw it, almost. I actually had my heart set on the Maurie and Eve lapis pants in the same print (found here) because I am in love with the print. It reminded me of the Bowie pants that they did last year, very Celine inspired but still very much their own. I regretted not snapping up a pair when I had the chance and so the Lapis pants seemed like the perfect alternative. But somehow I ended up getting the shorts instead. 

But if you're thinking of getting a pair of the Maurie & Eve lapis shorts, you should probably consider going down one size. I went with my usual size and I found it a tad too big, but I kept them anyways thinking that I could wear it lower on my hips but for some reason the back then rides up and the front is lower...if you know what I mean? But its nothing that getting the right size can't fix. The print is absolutely amazing to layer even with a cute cream knit for the chillier spring days- which was what I was originally planning but the sun was having none of that. 

I hope you had a great long weekend! 

x k