Thursday, 31 May 2012

good things happen to those who wait.

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Okay, the title is a completely different sentiment than when I wrote this post on the Acne Pop Trash jeans (or anything else in that collection). But sometimes exuberant prices and lack of availability means that you don't always get what you want (but we should all already know that right?). If you know me, you will know that I have a crazy (and unhealthy) addiction to Alexander Wang. He does casual chic so well that even if you spend all morning stressing about your outfit, it still looks effortless. It's like magic

Anyways, I digress. The point is- I've been wanting a pair of these ever since they came out and starting popping up on Jak & Jil. Who doesn't want to wear boudoir worthy fur balls on their feet, in public...with a cape on the heel? Then ManRepeller popped a pair on, and I was sold. In true lustworthy style, they sold out faster than Superman could fly (the cape...gettit?) and the ones that rocked up on Ebay were on the wrong side of expensive. I kid you not, I was still lamenting not scouring the web (Spiderman, another superhero reference point to me) hard enough to find a pair.

Then when I was innocently checking instagram in lieu of actually writing my essay, I found out the dressme was having a flash sale so I checked it out. Even though I just splurged on the Alexander Wang ombre botanical jeans- I told you it was an illness. But lo and held, there they were. The heels that I wanted, sitting there at 80% off. That's when I knew it was fate

Those heels in the red will be mine in 2-4 days (I know, low prices and fast shipping!).


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leather? check. black jeans? check.

herringbone check shirt // j brand zoey triple zip jeans // saba leather jacket // miu miu bag

I hope my terrible title didn't make you want to click that little 'x' to close this window. But you get it? Am I wearing leather...check(ed shirt). Get it? Get it? Don't worry. I'm blaming this weird mood on too much caffeine, in preparation for my essay due this Friday. I'm not quite sure why 'friday' deserves a capital except for the day that my essay is due...and it leads into the weekend. So, I really have mixed feelings towards friday. 

Drove to the DHL centre today so that I could send off a few items back to shopbop. I'm not a big returner, especially things that I buy online- sheer laziness. But actually can't wait until I get my refund- feels like payday, especially with all the sales going on at the moment. Although I've been good and only bought one or two things that I've had my eye on for awhile. Anyways, when we were leaving the centre the sun looked so pretty behind the palm trees so we snapped a few photos before going to uni for my night time class (it sounds good in theory but really kills your spirit). 

Believe it or not, I've never owned a pair of black jeans. I know it's meant to be slimming but I never got around to buying a pair. The other day, my friend looked really good in her high-waisted Cheap Monday black skinnies and I got inspired and splurged on a pair of J Brand triple zipper jeans in black. If you haven't bought or tried a pair of J Brand jeans yet then you are missing out. And this isn't even a J Brand sponsored post (although, if they wanted to send a few pairs my way then just holla). They are ridiculously comfortable and I love the zippers. I'm not going to lie, I have such anxiety wearing jeans because I hate when they stretch but J Brand really holds their shape well!

Seriously, go and get yourself some J Brand jeans and you can thank me later. 


Saturday, 26 May 2012

thechic&damned on instagram

(1) true fear, don't judge me // (2) essie nail polish in lilacism
(3) celine me alone tee // (4) zara mint shirt
(5) best risotto ever // (6) outfit layout

It's been a somewhat gloomy week and I don't plan far ahead enough to have photos saved up to use for weeks like this. But you can always follow me on instagram!


Monday, 21 May 2012

winter maxi.

no brand skirt // sheik fur collar cardigan // bardot shoes // luv aj neclace
Ambiguous weather means that I can bear my legs (or rathe my ankles) in the sun whilst stayed nice and rugged up on top. But their print on the skirt is just dying to be worn during winter, perhaps with a contrasting pattern next time?

Sunday, 20 May 2012

shoes make me happy.

Okay- that was a pretty redundant statement considering that (a) i'm a female and (b) this is a fashion blog.  But really, shoes make me ridiculously stifled-laughter happy. It's kind of insane to watch, and I truly feel for anyone who sees me when I open up a package that contains new shoes or find the last pair in my size in the store, in possibly all of Sydney and that cannot be found anywhere online (a la my Wang Joan pumps).

When I saw the new pre-fall collection from Brian Atwood the only thought that was going through my head was; I will survive on only korean instant noodles and air to buy these shoes. Then I got giddy thinking about all the weight I was going to lose; malnourished chic y'know? Who else but Brian Atwood could capture the essence of an entire city with just a set of legs and a pair of shoes. I love the leopard Parisian heels with the polka dot tights, the sophisticated lace and New York booties, the knee high argyle socks with the fur coat in Tokyo and the simmering sexiness of Madrid and Milan. Honest thought: I'm a bit affronted that Sydney didn't get it's own half-a-model. Our shoe statement of choice may have been a down-to-earth havianas but with the amount of talent we're showing on the blogosphere and instagram-osphere(?) with Christine Centenera, Gary Pepper Vintage and TuulaVintage leading the pack- surely we should be getting our own foot model? 


Saturday, 19 May 2012



Some Chanel love to celebrate the weekend get me through my environmental law paper. Although, I'm sure I'd be studying a lot better if I was wearing the gorgeous white and purple dress in the last image; I mean, I wouldn't be comfortable but at least I'd be ...pretty inspired. It was a stroke of genius to host the Chanel Cruise 12/13 show at Versailles, it's the perfect blend of opulence, decadence and chanel chic. I love the Marie Antoinette inspired dress structures walking alongside the topless jacket only suit (uncomfortable footwear optional). 

Now, the only thing on my mind is to get my hands on the purple, pleated leather mauve boy bag. I think a letter to Santa Claus is in order...


p.s. how insane are the chanel-inspired beauty marks?! Perfect DIY if you're not afraid of looking like a walking advertisement, otherwise you can just settle for the Chanel tattoos that were all the rage a few years ago...

Thursday, 17 May 2012

pyjama party.

Zara blazer // Zara trousers // Dotti cami // Tony Bianco Karissa shoes // Anarchy Street collar // Miu Miu clutch

I've been wanting to try the print suit for awhile and this Zara outfit is perfect to get me started. It is such a different mind frame from the past few years of mix-and-matching; I was never really good at mixing patterns because I'm a scardey-cat. I love the idea of a matching suit because it really takes the time out of deciding what to wear in the morning it reminds me Cher Horowitz (if you didn't get the Clueless reference, I don't think we can be friends). The pants are comfortable and the print reminds me of pyjamas; it's rare to find fashionable clothes that are comfortable but now I really want to get my hands on pair of slightly more uncomfortable suit with a more bold print a la Camilla & Marc


fringe matter.

Lee denim shorts // Bardot white cami // Sportsgirl lace & fringe bedjacket // Sportsgirl monochrome clutch // Jeffrey Campbell leopard wedges // Sportsgirl sunglasses 

How dreamy is this sunset? I love the muted colours and the layers of clouds, such a change from the ultra bright and vivacious sunsets. It's the perfect backdrop for this lace and fringe bed jacket. I love the apricot coloured fringe and the cream lace. It has such a pretty vintage feel which I love because I never seem to find good vintage pieces. I wanted to wear it with denim shorts to make it more casual (but mainly because it's comfortable and I'm lazy).

I feel like I've had the jacket in my closet for almost a year now, sadly unworn. I need to stop falling into the oh-wow-I-will-always-wear-this-forever-and-then-never-wear-it-ever trap. My rule of thumb is- if I can picture it with at least 3 outfits, I will buy it. But has anyone else realised that there's always some pieces that you're super excited about instore and then once you take it home, the excitement weans and then poof! you never wear it. That's something I'm going to try to overcome- either stop impulse buying or just start wearing everything in my closet just not all at once. Or maybe all at once, it works for the man repeller and who am I to doubt that?