Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The Magpie & I

aje virgil sequin skirt

It's undeniable that us humans are really just animals in fancy clothes.
Having already forced you, dear reader, into an animal; I won't
impose upon you any specific animal. Free will and all that.
Me? I'm pretty sure I'm a magpie. Not because I'm a fan of the
monochrome 'do or because I like to swoop down on unsuspecting
children whilst squawking. No, there's one distinct characteristic that 
bind together the common magpie and I. 

We like sparkling things.

Like you didn't see that coming. What else could it be when the
post started off with the absolutely gorgeous, dazzling,
effervescent, shimmering and most importantly, sequinned Aje skirt?
How can you not fall for the undone tulle embellishment,
the subtly provocative wrap hem or the multi-tonal sequins?

I'm really not obsessed.

And this really isn't my third Aje skirt (and counting...)

x k


  1. ooh fancy. i have the catara skirt which i absolutely love but am too scared to wear it because i don't want all the sequins to fall off!

  2. That is such a pretty skirt. You are not alone; I love my sequins too.

    Lauren x