Wednesday, 27 February 2013

15 minutes eternal

Isabel Marant Etoile skirt | St James top | Mister Zimi leather jacket | Senso boots | Chloe bag

I've been having the most amazing time on my holiday, I actually have barely thought about
blogging. Previously, I was so sure that I'd use this amazing opportunity to take lots of exotic photos
but really, I've just been trying to soak up as much as I can.

After a gruelling 24+ hours, I finally made my way from Phuket, Thailand to Japan's Narita Airport. 
The change in climate is such an adjustment, along with the difference of the society in general.
I just came back from going out for a wander around Shinjuku and the cold was very
confronting, especially since I've spent the last 10 days in nothing but One Teaspoon shorts and 
Bassike tanks. 

I'm missing the more temperate winters of Hong Kong, my first destination, so I decided to get my act 
together and post these photos from when I was lucky enough to catch the Andy Warhol: 15 Minutes Eternal 
exhibition at the Hong Kong Museum of Art. It's in commemoration of the 25th year of his death. I can't
say that I've always been a Warhol fan or knew any of his works besides the rudimentary
ones that most people are exposed to. However, after seeing the exhibition I feel that I have a 
greater understanding of the principles behind his work and it was interesting just to see the way
in which his paintings and sculptures developed over time. I don't think I'm lying if I said 
that this was probably the most memorable experience that I'm taking away from Hong Kong
(especially since I've been twice before). Well, the Exhibition and my Celine experience-
although they were on the same day so really, its the same thing. 

I promise to post some more photos soon, in the meantime, I'll be on instagram- @thechicndamned.

p.s. if you find yourself crossing paths with the Andy Warhol exhibition, thank yourself by going there-
and then you can come and thank me later!

x karen

Thursday, 21 February 2013


Helmut Lang skirt | H&M top | Saba leather jacket | Madewell belt | Alexander Wang bag | Topshop heels

I'm currently in Thailand but here's some more backlog photos from
before I left. The perfect outfit for ambiguous weather, everyone needs a 
skirt with a slit up to there for hot days and a leather jacket for
when it gets cold and windy.

Red lips are just appropriate for any weather condition.

x karen

Friday, 15 February 2013



Whether you're celebrating with a loved one or celebrating yourself-
always remember that there is always Ryan Gosling.

x karen

Thursday, 14 February 2013

knits & dots

 Zara knit | vintage skirt | Miu Miu clutch | Acne boots | Luv AJ necklace | Michael Kors watch

If you've ever been to Hong Kong, you know that from the moment you land its a go-go-go pace
amidst a sea of people. It's a potent mix of a zealous need to hit all the shopping spots and a heady 
realisation of the overpopulation. This is the excuse that I'm sticking with to counter for my lack 
of posts here. 

This outfit was taken just a few days before I left for the far Orient, it was when Sydney was 
under an awkward spell of a dip in temptation and I pulled out my knit, in preparation for my Asia
travels. Admittedly, I could easily wear this outfit here in HK, so really, that's just as good as 
an HK outfit post. Although, there will be one (or two) coming. But this is just the first leg
of my journey, there will definitely be more photos from Thailand and Japan.

x karen

p.s. totally splurged at Celine today, photos to come in the next post

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

quick break

Mister Zimi leather jacket | H&M floral pants | Alexander McQueen scarf | Senso boots

I've been in Hong Kong for the past few days and I've been so busy hitting all the shopping spots
that I haven't had any time to take any photos. That and the intense crowd makes me nervous to stop
in the middle of the street - fear of being trampled over. The winter has surprisingly been quite mild
and so these new H&M floral pants were the perfect answer. This is just a quick photo I posted
on instagram, hopefully I'll be able to post something else soon- otherwise I'll be relying on some backlog
from Sydney. 

x karen

Friday, 8 February 2013


plane ride

As of this moment, I am officially packed for my one month trip in Asia; Hong Kong, Thailand & Japan.
I've been culling my luggage for the last few hours and I still feel like I've simultaneously overpacked and most 
likely left out something important. I've also been debating how far I'm willing to go in the name of comfort. 
A 9 hour plane ride pretty much means that any thoughts of a fashionable incline ran out the door once
it hit 4-5 hours. So, rather than showing you the quasi-pajama outfit that I am actually wearing
(I won't lie, Juicy Couture sweatpants were mentioned, sans any writing if that helps any) I put something
I would rather be wearing but instead am packing into my luggage. 

x karen

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

the butch

So this just happened.

There is so much that I want from that collection but considering I'm leaving for overseas this Friday, I'm 
being frugal (although, not really). I wish I could bring these with me, the perfect pair of slouchy leather shorts.
I can.not wait until March and I have these babies in my hands.

The perfect thing to come home to.

x karen

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

accented red

Zara leather singlet | handmade shorts | Topshop heels | Miu Miu clutchJennifer Zeuner necklaces

It's not everyday that you can find a place to take photos that match your outfit to the T, but when you're walking the streets
of Paddington, there's more than just an abundance of locations to find just that. You can see how happy I am in that last
photo, but that might also be because I finally got around to getting my hair coloured AND I'm wearing my favourite
texture for this summer; leather (as you can see here). This leather singlet is the perfect balance to a pair of flimsy 
pyjama-styled shorts. Overcast weather simply means that I can wear leather without the fear of sweating it off.

x karen

Monday, 4 February 2013

la dolce vita

Dolce Vita dress| Senso 'Bertina' boots | Comme des garcon clutch | Karen Walker sunglassesJennifer Zeuner necklaces

Basically all of Australia's eastern coastline has been under siege by the Rainman (and I don't mean Dustin Hoffman)
so it felt almost rude to post photos of anything but the sunshine. There isn't a more perfect way to get over the rainy weekend
blues (I'm still feeling the lethargic effects) than to reminisce about what a great summer we had. 

I can't wait for the sunshine in Thailand- not sure if I can survive the humidity though.

x karen

Friday, 1 February 2013

In Concert

I don't think I can properly express in words how much I love Zimmermann's new AW '13 collection aptly named
"In Concert". It reflects the sexy, grungy nature of how you'd want to dress for a concert with its usual flair for delectable
fabrics and cuts that reflect instant cool. I'm always a sucker for Australian brands because they always understand
that fashion should not comprise comfort or ease at dressing. 

I'm not going to lie, I already have my eye on the leather jacket and that amazing navy trench coat. It needs to find
its way into my closet ASAP, and it should bring along those ballerina-inspired heels, the mustard print jumper 
and anything in that monochrome floral print. 

Boy, my greed just escalated fast.

x karen

p.s. please also bring that first lace dress and any one of those printed shorts.

rainy days

Sass & Bide jumper | Rag & Bone 'portobello' leather shorts (seen here & here| Converse studded sneakers | Mulberry clutch

In the oh so glamorous world of fashion blogging, there are a few universal truths. Aside from throwing away all the rules 
you learnt as a child (i.e. you should never judge a book by its cover- instead, you learn to play your 'cover' to your strengths),
there is the universal importance placed on the unwavering search for the mythological perfect lighting. Sometimes, 
someone up there shines a smile your way and you hit that perfect spot; the lighting equivalent of the 'G Spot' except
only harder to find. 

And then there are days, or weekends, filled with so much rain that you knew you wouldn't even be able to wait for a break
to sneak a few shots in (photographic shots, not the tequila kind- there's always room for that). That was pretty much the 
weekend that past; rain so miserable and dreary that we might as well live in London. But somehow, I got lucky and I was
able to take a few photos after lunching at the Cross. It was a simple outfit, perfect for a rainy summer's day.

x karen