Monday, 31 December 2012

round up

Zara jeans // Sportsgirl slip & clutch // Subtitled jacket // Sunday Somewhere sunglasses // Nine West heels

I've been mentally debating for awhile about what my last post for 2012 should be,
to be truthful, I'm super corny and so I want it to be representative of both what the past
year has been about and what I'm looking forward to in the coming year. But, seriously,
how can one outfit be that expressive?

So, I decided to go which this above outfit (this was out of a choice of two- now, imagine
how indecisive I am when I shop, probably why I always end up with just both).
This was the year I truly discovered the boyfriend jeans, so it was only apt that it'll
feature in my last post of the year. The lingerie-esque top/dress/slip is a reminder to myself
that I should always enjoy fashion and continue to have fun with my blog. Like the
boyfriend jeans, I've been living in my khaki jacket- the perfect thing to throw on in
any occasion especially with the freakish not-really-cold-not-really-hot weather we've
been having.

Sparkly shoes were a necessity.
How can it be NYE if you're not wearing something sparkly?
(although, truth be told these photos were taken during Christmas-
another season whom equally deserves, if not more, sequins and all things sparkly).

I hope you have a  great NYE & an amazing New Year to follow

x karen

Friday, 28 December 2012


Insight striped dress // Mango denim shirt // Nike x Liberty sneakers // Cambridge Satchel Co bag // RVCA snapback

I sincerely hope that you were having too much of a good time during Christmas
to notice how quiet my little ole blog was. I've been busy spending time with family 
and friends whilst simultaneously stuffing my face with food and attempting to avoid
the temptation of the Boxing Day Sales (the only pitfall of my upcoming holiday).

Christmas in Australia means lots of sunshine so it's always a good idea to have a 
hat ready (no hat, no play!), snapbacks are preferable especially if they match
your kicks. Extreme sunshine also requires a thin jacket or shirt to throw over
the sundress you're wearing so that you don't go and develop skin cancer
(we hear/see enough warning advertisements to be appropriately weary)
so the denim shirt that you've been wearing all winter long should be kept in
rotation. Don't forget to belt your dress so that, should you forget the above
warning, you can get some colour on your legs. 

After living in Australia for almost my whole life, I think I've finally
realised the biggest paradox of the Australian way of life is our obsession
in going to the beach & getting our tan on whilst sweating bullets at the 
mere thought of skin cancer. So the lesson is, girls & boys, be good in 2013
so that Santa will bring you the presents you want.
(Were you expecting a real lesson? What am I, Mother Goose?)


Monday, 24 December 2012


Aje catara skirt // Dannika Zen tank // YSL belle du jour

I just wanted to take the opportunity to wish everyone a

I finished the most hectic week of work yesterday and want
to do nothing but relax and hang with family & friends.
Christmas is never complete without an appropriate amount
of sparkles & sequins & fairy lights, so don't forget to add the 
perfect amount of sparkles to your outfit with a white Aje
sequin skirt that is reminiscent of snow and a white Christmas that 
isn't enjoyed in Australia. 

Although, what says Christmas more than a traditional
Australian barbecue. That means sausage sizzle, fresh prawns,
close friends & family, cold beer & lots of presents awaiting.
So I hope you're enjoying the holiday season and I'll 
be back to my regular blogging schedule after Boxing Day.

x karen

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Thursday, 20 December 2012


Joe's Jeans High Water // Lee men's shirt // Miu Miu bag // Madewell belt // Tony Bianco heels

If I'm going to wear a certain brightly coloured or patterned (or both) item of clothing
in my outfit, my knee jerk response is to reach for my trusty Bassike white or grey tees. 
The other day, I was wearing this men's Lee shirt and I happened to be trying on this
pair of Joe's jeans I had lying around in my closet- because this is actually what
 I do for fun. I was surprised how nicely the two looked together, there's a subtlety 
in the way the almost non-existent pinstripes on the shirt is blended with the very bold
print of the denim. 

It was a good blend that just goes to show that I should have more fun with my wardrobe
& not always following my knee jerk response. 

Sunday, 16 December 2012



                   This is probably the most perfect movie-watching outfit. The peplum allows stomach movement because I inevitably always
                   snack like I've been starved for 3 days during movies; and it has the added benefit of allowing you to sneak in some extra 
                   chocolates underneath all that fabric. Why be subjected to extra charges at the cinema when the money can go towards
                   greater cause, like your Chanel Boy Bag Fund (feel free to donate to mine if you don't already have one). Dressing for 
                   the cinemas is much akin to dressing for plane rides; it's all about comfort (unless you are Victoria Beckham) and being
                   prepared for Artic winds in the form of an overcompensating Air-Conditioner. That's why even though its the hottest day 
                   of December; jeans and a scarf is still recommended. Plus, I'm watching Twilight- so I'm going to need to rug up just
                   seeing Kristen Steward's sullen and broody gaze. 

                   And, as always, add heels to properly show off your ankles from the confines of your boyfriend jeans. These are my 
                   go-to boyfriend jeans from J Brand, to whom I pretty much will sell my children for a life time quantity. It's always important
                   to dress for which movie you're watching i.e if you're watching James Bond then you drive your Aston Martin and thusly,
                   if you're watching Twilight then you make sure you don't wear any jewellery. There is enough sparkles emulating from 
                   from the screen without you adding to it, which also means that a pair of sunglasses is absolutely necessary to fight off
                   all that glare from the silver screen. 

                   Now, go forth and watch some movie that isn't Twilight.

                   x karen

Friday, 14 December 2012

batman ... not that you can tell

Urban Outfitter tee // ASOS denim jacket // Zara skirt // Witchery bag & beanie // Alexander Wang boots

Windy days are probably not ideal for a thin chiffon skirt, I can't even
count the number of people I inadvertently flashed. I swear this was not 
intentional on my part (wholly intentional anyways- I joke!). I'm glad 
decided to bring along my new denim jacket, it was heavy and long
enough to stop most of the Marilyn-above-a-heat-grate moments that
I was having. 

Then, inspired by my tee (Batman print- unfortunately you can't 
see properly), I tried to use it to pretend to be a superhero. 
But the photos are too embarrassing to share.
A lady must learn to at least keep a few secrets- you already
know far too much.

x karen

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

palm beach// day 02

Sportsgirl top // Isabel Marant skirt // Topshop jacket // Senso 'bertina' boots

The thing about impromptu roadtrips is last minute packing;
the lack of having your whole wardrobe with you 
is the opportunity of being able to put together outfits
that you normally wouldn't imagine. 

x karen

p.s. yes, these are the forgotten photos from the second part of the Palm Beach "series"

variations of such

Current Elliot jeans // Wrangler knit // Saba leather jacket // Country Road tote // Tony Bianco 'Karissa' heels // Madewell belt

I can't believe that it's December and I'm still able to wear my leather jacket. Granted,
it's probably thinner than most denim jacket I own, it still serves as a reminder of what
a tease summer has been this year. Well, it gives me a chance to air out my favourite 
Current/Elliot polka dot jeans (worn previously here). They're the perfect understated
statement jeans, it adds the perfect amount of quirky to any outfit without completely
overpowering it. 

These photos were taken just up the street from Orto Trading Co. where my boyfriend
& I decided to go to celebrate the end of my intense week of summer school. I originally 
had grand plans of being able to take photos for le blog after classes but even I didn't 
want to subject anyone to my face after 9 hours of 'interpretations of contract law". 
But you're not really missing out on much, it was pretty much variations of the above,
with the occasional pair of One Teaspoon shorts thrown in (you know how obsessed 
I am). But I've been busy this weekend, so be prepared for a blogging onslaught.

x karen

Monday, 3 December 2012

scented letters

My dearest,

You may not know me, but I've admired you from after all for a great while.
From the first time I saw you down the catwalk, clinging onto another in
such a familiar manner; I could feel nothing by envy for the one in the braids. 
At that moment, I knew that I had to have you for myself.
How apt that you be named Scented Letters from Alice McCall's 
whimsical Babooshka collection; now let me dedicate this letter to you.

I knew that you'd accompany me all through the summer.
But fear not- my feelings towards you are so much more than a 
summer romance. I adore you from the way you flow in the wind and
the way in which your bright colour brings out the smiles. 
You're a contradiction from the way in which your length is demure to the 
open and sheer nature which bares your soul. 

My thoughts go out to you- My Immortal Beloved, now and then joyfully,
then sadly, waiting to learn whether or not fate will hear us-
I cannot imagine my life anew without you, so upon my words, 
will you please find your own way into my closet?
(p.s. for inspiration, might I suggest any of the adventures as seen in Toy Story?)

forever yours,