Thursday, 18 October 2012


Rag & Bone knit // Sportsgirl jacket // One Teaspoon 'baggies' jeans // RMK shoes // Country Road tote

I really, really wanted to show you guys these jeans that I recently added to
my One Teaspoon family, so you'll have to put up with the Instagram shot. I spied 
these at the Sydney Westfield One Teaspoon store and 
was immediately drawn to the colour and fit. 

In actuality, the colour of both the jeans and the knit isn't that bright; Instagram 
filters have a way of doing things like that (it's a nasty habit really). I've had a soft
spot for ripped denim since my first pair of J Brand jean (remember these babies?)
and these One Teaspoon pair are in the most intriguing shade of light blue 
with a slight grey undertone. It's almost, almost reminds me of an acid wash...
except without the actual acid wash- so really just bleach (feel free to ignore
me if I'm confusing you even more). Anyways, I sized up 3 sizes 
to get the extreme baggy look and so that I can differentiate this pair of 
boyfriend jeans to my other J Brand Aidans (worn here, here and here).

It's the perfect solution for lazy and uninspired outfit days
Ripped jeans add instant bad-ass to your wardrobe
But you already know that.


  1. It's funny how ripped jeans are labelled 'lazy and uninspired' but are seriously like, one of the most cutest outfit pick me ups!! Love the jeans, and I also love your jacket, from what I can see. Love that you're a fellow Australian, followed xx

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