Saturday, 31 March 2012

off duty

off duty

(1)  J Brand leather pants
(2)  Isabel Marant Luz Handknit cardigan
(3)  Mango heels
(4)  Ray Ban Classic Aviators
(5) Proenza Schouler PS11 Classic Bag

I know most of the world is getting super excited for spring
But for those of us living upside the world
we don't really have that luxury
to be honest, it's kind of killing me that everyone is getting ready for summer- Sydney's summer was the biggest disappointment
and before it really even began, we're getting ready for autumn

Although, autumn is my favourite time of the year
The sun is still balmy, the days are still longer 
and it's the beginning of light layering.
To me, Miranda Kerr is the queen of the perfect autumn layering
A touch of class and a lot of street cred

This was meant to be a autumn layering collage but I got distracted by those J Brand leather pants


Friday, 30 March 2012


bassike white tee // asos leather skirt // jeffrey campbell heels // alexander mcqueen scarf (similar here) //
michael kors watch // mimco yellow bracelet (similar here) // witchery bucket bag (similar here)

This is pretty much my go to outfit for days when I'm running late for class and when the weather looks like it can go either way.
I love anything that's leather, because I think it just gives it that extra edge and makes getting dressed that much more fun

Although, if I was going to be completely truthful...leather makes me feel rock'n'roll :)
especially worn with one of my mcqueen scarves

I feel very old school wearing the skull scarf
A few years ago they were everywhere you look; my mum and I went cray-cray and bought a variety of the colour combinations
The other day when I dug them out and wore it again
My mum sat me down and very seriously asked me why we had so many and why we didn't have the most basic combination (white & black)
She had that look on her face, the one she gets right before she tells me to scour the internet to try and find something

But then we couldn't agree on whether we wanted black with white print or white with black print. She thinks black with white is too rock'n'roll and I think white with black is too boring.
Then we realised why we had all these colour combinations and no monochrome.

My mother is a terrible influence on my shopping ban
I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the shopaholic tree after all


bondi wanderings.

(1) bondi beach
(2) & (3) loving the palm trees
(4) the mosaics seats dotted along the street
(5)& (7) asos skirt, sportsgirl knit, lv petit noe
(6) i love the colours! need it in my room
(9) one of the best burgers i've had in awhile
(10) sydney's answer to pinkberry
(11) how very retro

I know I haven't been the most dedicated blogger as of late. 
But I figured I better post these photos before another weekend comes and goes
The past saturday, I went to Bondi Beach with my other pea ( because we're two peas in a pod)for a catch-up session and good food
It probably wasn't the best idea, eating so close to so many shops

Now, don't get me wrong. I love shopping in big shopping centres (or m-alls) as much as the next girl. But, there's something so intimate about shopping at boutiques and walking down the street search for the next store. Especially when the sun is bright and everyone around you is dressed so well. 

the other pea came armed with a list of things to do and buy...
he ended up with a new pair of chinos
whilst i ended up another shopping bag from tuchuzy and a much much lighter wallet

But there's something about bondi beach and the surrounding streets that i enjoy so much. there's so many cafes to try and chill at- and so much things to do and buy

and just walking down the street, people are so well-dressed
but not in the stuffy way. it's all very effortless chic

Visual orgasm.

Monday, 26 March 2012

please get out of my mind

please get out of my mind
i have an exam to study for

i know you remind me of the isabel marant sneakers
i know you have a wedged heel
and i know you're going to be my legs look ultra-hot
 but you have nothing to do with insolvency law

i promise i'll call you tomorrow

Monday, 5 March 2012

outfit | casual sunday

wearing: J Brand slouchy boy jeans, Tree of Life white cami, Princess Polly yellow suede belt

I enjoyed a lovely SUNNY sunday with the boyfriend eating Fish&Chips at a local park. The weather has been absolutely horrendous for the past week (the reason I blame for my lack of posts!) and I'm pretty sure it decided to overcompensate today. Not that I mind of course. Although some form of stability would be nice. 

We enjoyed the sunshine and then went home to study
I know, I know. I live such an exciting life. But uni just started and I desperately need to stay up to date with my law readings. After 4 years of uni, I'm starting to learn from the mistakes of my past. Mistakes which include staying up all night, for consecutive nights to study for finals. 
This time, I will be prepared!

So....either expect a total lack of posts from me OR a dramatic increase of posts (procrastination, of course)

from wonderland