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The Chic & Damned was born out of both whim and vanity, in early 2012, when I realised that I needed to save my friends & boyfriend from my endless fashion-related monologues. You could almost say that it started as an act of mercy, but it has since dug its roots deeply into my life. 

My Life
I spend my days working as a junior solicitor in a law firm in Sydney's CBD and my nights working on my new webstore The Curators (launching in April!). Weekends are earmarked for brunching and relaxing in outfits that I could never get away with in the office. 

Inspired by
I definitely owe my love for fashion (and increasing credit card bill) to my mother, who from a young age taught me that just because something is trendy, doesn't mean that I need to follow. She taught me that a good tailor was always worth finding, quality is always more important than the label and the most important thing is to dress for your own body shape. 

Blog name
I wanted a name that I wouldn't grow out of and I wanted it to reflect my other great passion; the written word. The Chic & Damned is a twist on F.Scott Fitzgerald's The Beautiful and the Damned (a book worth reading for the prose alone) and like the novel, I didn't just gloss over the surface but rather present an honest (warts and all) depiction of my life and what I think about fashion, among other things. 

My style
I don't think I have a signature style but if I had to say something, it would be classic with a twist, any twist- even if its not discernible to anyone but myself. I definitely dress according to my mood that morning, or if there is one thing I particularly want to wear that day, I just run with that. Comfort is always an important factor as well as some juxtaposition in my outfit; silk shirt & leather pants, black & white or a chunky knit and tight sequinned skirt.

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