Tuesday, 16 October 2012

spring whites

spring whites

Spring always means different things to me; its about learning to let go of your bulky winter
layers without feeling vulnerable, its about downing hayfever medication like its going
out of fashion, its about stocking up on Zimmermann bikinis during the warehouse sale, its 
about faking your tan until proper beach weather and if you're in sydney these past few weeks
then it has really just been about temperamental weather and trying your best to not get sick (which, fyi-
i failed miserably at).

I know I've already done my "spring" post (here and here) but with this weather that we've been 
having lately- I feel like every other day is a "first day of spring". Not so much due to unbelievably
sunny and "springy" weather, but more so the terrible winter days in between. 

This is my ideal outfit to combat the sometimes-winter-sometimes-summer weather that 
we've been getting lately. The perfect A.L.C Mirabelle dress (here and on sale here
which I'm patiently (not really)waiting for to go on further discount, to wear 
with these amazing Giuseppe Zanotti booties that will fill the Alaia left hole in my 
heart (read more about my heartache here). Since I'm already dreaming out of my 
price range, I may as well wear it with an exotic skin Celine luggage from which is pretty
much ideal for this weather (or for any weather, as a matter of fact). And of course, no outfit is 
complete without sun and wrist protection; courtesy of Chanel, Gorjana, Fallon & Dannijo.

It's almost two months until christmas. I hope Santa is taking notes (in his Smythson diary, of course)
That's my kind of Santa. 

x k

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  1. The Zanotti heels are to die for... le sigh! I wish I could afford. Thanks for the comments on my blog. Following you back via bloglovin and GFC :)


  2. Lovely post!

    Maybe you like it to follow each other?
    I follow you now with GFC.