Wednesday, 24 October 2012

hello hips!

For as far back as I can remember, magazines and pseudo-style reality shows have banged on about "hide yo hips" and "find yo waist"; "cater for your own body shape" As admirable thought as that is, it's all a load of horsecrap to me. The whole concept of finding your individual body shape and then spending the next two pages/minutes/life-that-i'll-never-get-back catering for those with hips and waists (i.e. the hourglass figure)...I find insulting. What about the rest of us who don't actually have hips or a waist? Mine are excellent at playing hide-n-seek. True story.

Who's going to give me back my teenage years of belting where I thought I had a waist (but didn't), using clever cuts to hide my hips (which weren't there) or showing off my svelte upper body (which didn't exist)? The inner lawyer in me feels like someone should be held accountable but that's all been placated by one genius: a certain Helmut Lang

Caution: this isn't for the faint of heart or wide of hips!

I tried on the Helmut Lang helix asymmetrical skirt (white here and here) in black the other day at Tuchuzy and you have no idea how happy I was to greet my hips! That perfect draping right across the front of the skirt does wonders in giving my the illusion of hips and balancing out my heavier upper half. The asymmetrical hem gives it instant cool factor, especially when tried on my with Bertina boots (see post below!). Sizing wise, I'm comparatively narrow at the bottom but a pretty standard 26-27 in J Brand jeans so when there was only one more skirt left in P (which is XS) and I pretty much poured myself into it and poof(!) my life was complete. Now I'm debating the white one- quite perfect for summer, non? 

x k

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