Tuesday, 23 October 2012

miss chu sunday

On the weekends, I always want to put an extra thought into my outfit.
I'm not sure if its just because I have that luxury in the morning or a
celebration of not having to wear office wear. I'm not sure if it shows in the
photo but these knitted shorts are the perfect amount of weekend slouch and 
metallic detailing. Plus, these Bertina boots are beyond amazing, they show the 
perfect amount of ankle and are surprisingly comfortable. I wore them that other
day whilst walking from Desordre to Bondi Westfield and if you're from
Sydney, you would understand how long that walk is; although there were
pit-stops along the way.

I remember back in high school when I used to avoid colour like crazy; always
sticking to the blacks, whites, greys and sometimes pink. Now, I'm exactly sure when
it happened but now I don't seem comfortable leaving the house without some splashes of
colour in my outfit. As much as I want to enjoy simple white tee and jeans, I just
don't feel comfortable- which is actually rather ironic considering the sartorial choice.
However, there are always ways to remedy that situation- lots of colourful arm
candy, a bright statement necklace or in this case, a brightly coloured beaded

x k

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  1. This outfit's so cute; I love the boots! x


  2. Love the shorts and shoes.


  3. Such a lovely look!
    I am in love with your shoeS


  4. omg I'm so freakin in love with your senso boots! totally chic!
    would you like to follow each other?

  5. Such a lovely outfit! And your boots are totally amazing.


  6. Ahh. you may have finally convinced me to get these Senso booties. They just make everything better. Why do you have the coolest clothes?! And your hair is beyond real. Teach me how to be so chic.