Wednesday, 26 June 2013

make believe

Normally at the end of each semester, you're filled with an exuberant sense of joy that overwhelms all other senses. This time around, it's not so much a sense of joy but rather dread at the fact that it is just bloody never-ending. I don't know why I thought doing College of Law whilst completing my last semester was a good idea, but boy do I hate past-Karen. That girl is an overachieving bitch- I failed to live up to her expectations spectacularly.

But, I do have a fews days of reprieve so I will be spending it reading and burning my new Diptyque candle. Joy.

 x karen

Monday, 24 June 2013

tell me something sweet

Sportsgirl knit (seen here| Joe's Jeans highwater jeans (seen here & here| Mister Zimi jacket (seen here, here & here| Alexander Wang boots (seen herehere & here)

Who knew that it would take days of relentless rain to bring out my inner colour-enthusiast? But when the sun is away playing hide-n-seek, you need a more cheerful wardrobe otherwise you'd just find yourself caught in the winter stereotype of black and greys. Although, that's really my primary colours these days, except apparently for when its torrential rain weather. But, true to my recent neutrally-coloured self, I've been the veritable Swtizerland in terms of colour choices, this outfit was peppered by navy, white and my essential Mister Zimi leather jacket*. 

 x karen

* A recent leather jacket purchase has been made, stayed tuned for photos! 

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Friday, 21 June 2013


Ever have those days where you find yourself craving dessert? It always hits me on long days at work, especially in the afternoon - blood sugar at an all time low! My office is a little too close to Sydney's Laduree which makes the choice easier for when I want a little sweet to get me by. Then I see all the pretty boxes and the upgrade goes on from there - lucky my mum loves macaroons even more than I do. However, considering the location of Laduree- I'm lucky to just come away with a few macaroons rather than any variety of Christian Louboutin, Willow or Zimmermann. 

The dangers of working in the city.

 x karen

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

trenchcoat dilemma

Sportsgirl tee (seen here & here| J Brand jeans | Current/Elliot jacket | Willow 'work' boots (seen here, here & here| Celine clutch

This jacket has single-handedly solved a trench coat dilemma that I've had for the past two years. I've been back and forth on whether to invest in a Burberry trench coat in the classic camel colour. I have a gorgeous Burberry trench in this deep purple that I wear on special occasions but I've been craving a casual one for autumn/spring weather, so that I can wear outfits like this a la Mrs Bloom. And then I came across this Current/Elliot jacket which was essentially the love child of the trench of my dreams and my essential military jackets. Sometimes when it's right, you know it straight away.

p.s. I am really get my worth out of these boots, aren't I? It's all about cost per wear people!

 x karen

Monday, 17 June 2013

stella mccartney resort 2014

I can't believe it's already resort season, I feel like I'm still digesting last fashion week and BAM! resort season hit. We're really spoilt for choice these days in the quality and effort that being put into resort, and I'm more than a little bit in love with everything that I've seen so far but the one that truly took my heart has to be Stella McCartney. The nudes, the subtle python print, the drop hemline and the slouchy trousers. 

Maybe its just my love for Australian designers but I can definitely see something like this with Zimmermann and Josh Goot?

 x karen

Friday, 14 June 2013

starry layer

Argyle Agrum leather skirt | Zara shirt | Shine jumper | Rag & Bone 'harrow' boots

Been trying to add some colour and layers into my autumn outfits; even though cold weather has meant that I've pretty much given up on my brights since the cold weather hit. I'm loving the unusual hem on this white leather skirt which provides a nice angular touch to the soft jumper and star-print chiffon Zara shirt that I've had for ages. But what I love most are these Rag & Bone boots which are unbelievably comfortable. I worn them on a night out with my Aje catara skirt and they were the perfect solution for a night of bar-hopping and dancing.

 x karen

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

winter leathers

winter leathers

There's a dangerous game that I like to play when I'm deeply immersed in my examination period. No, it's not how many episodes of Suits can I watch before releasing that that watching the greatest closer in the city practice law is really not quite the same as actually studying for law. Then there's that depression that follows; people will always assume you're life will then be surrounded by glass walls, hot paralegals and men with great taste in music and clothing when you're really just stuck inside a cubicle pushing paper.

No, I play a much more dangerous game than that. I play with my heart and my self-control. Although, lack of funds does sway the game in my favour. During the stressful exam period, I like to online shop. Y'know, really walk on the wild side by cutting down on my studying time and junk food budget. But what I realised this time was that, even when I'm virtual shopping (that is, adding to my shopping bag but never pressing that checkout button) I'm vying towards the classics. And somehow, somewhere along the line, I lost all colour except red. 

These are definitely things that I already have versions of in my wardrobe. Acne jacket included, YEP, did I not share the good news? Except for those Givenchy boots. I would really like those boots. If Santa is's winter in Australia...and isn't that what Christmas is all about anyways?

This will be the winter of white, black & red. Maybe the occassional grey for when I'm feeling really dangerous.

x karen

Tuesday, 11 June 2013


 Bassike universal knit and classic universal jeans (similar here| Madewell perfect leather belt | Wittner 'topper' heels

Just little ole me sitting here remembering times when long weekends weren't ruined by torrential rain. Although, I shouldn't be complaining, I'd rather stay home and study on a rainy day rather than a beautiful sunny day. Except, if I could have things my way- I really wouldn't be studying at all. Not that I'm being very productive at the moment. I can't wait until this month is over.

 x karen

Friday, 7 June 2013


Can someone please teach me how to look this cool in sweats? 

x karen

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

preppy flashback

 Ralph Lauren jumper | Dion Lee skirt | Willow work shoes | Celine trio pouchette

Let me tell you a secret. In my younger and more carefree days, I embraced preppy* like I was born with a cable knit in one hand and a lacrosse stick in the other. I liked nothing better than to galavant around in an seemingly endless collection of cable knits (there was occasional dipping into my mum's supply), blazers and my beloved pair of knee-high Bally boots. In retrospect, it was highly reflective of both my parent's style; very classic, very Ralph Lauren and very much about investing in classics. Preppy definitely isn't something I would wear now (even this orangutang can evolve and learn to spearfish) but it's something that defined a large portion of my teenage years. 

It was an obsession sparked by my parents and later fuelled by The OC, Charlotte from Sex & the City and later, Gossip Girls.  Looking back, there's so many outfits that make me cringe (pastel argyle patterned knit layered over white shirt on a 14 year old?) but I'm glad for what it's taught me about investing in classics and that's probably why 10 years down that track I can still wear the same jumper that I wore when I was in high school. Except now I can wear it with much cooler shoes. Although, my instincts are still to reach for the nearest pleated skirt. I guess we're just all trained monkeys after all?

 x karen

* that being said, I definitely wasn't 100% preppy (especially since we live in Australia) but it did take up a lot of my wardrobe. And what wasn't taken up by that, was consumed by Juicy Couture (eek!), Sportsgirl and a splattering of Supre. Which just goes to prove that you can never just be one style but I do remember my style crushes back then revolving almost exclusively around Summer Roberts and Lauren Conrad. I was a (fake) Cali girl at heart. 

Monday, 3 June 2013

sunset alleyway

 Mister Zimi leather jacket | Current Elliot jeans | Bassike tee | Zara lace-up heels | Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 bag

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you'll know that in the past few months I've been desperately trying to cull my wardrobe. Albeit there've been some impulsive purchases along the way, as well as some perfect investment pieces (more on that later). My dream is to have long-lasting pieces in my wardrobe that will last the test of time. Case in point, this Louis Vuitton bag- it was my first "expensive" or rather high-end bag. The one that started the collection. I've had it for 6-7 years and its still on high rotation. It's the perfect bag to chuck everything in and run out the door. So much so that I'm even considering in buying it in the monogram. Crazy?

But I love that this outfit is made out of things in my wardrobe that I've had in awhile. The only thing from my outfit that I've bought recently are my Zara heels. It's a great feeling to have things in your wardrobe that are more relevant than just the one season. I need more investment pieces in my life. 

 x karen