Wednesday, 14 September 2016

the new biker jacket

For the longest time, I've been obsessed with the leather biker jacket and it was my go-to jacket for all outfits and all occasions. 

This year, I've found myself reaching for my denim jacket so much more than my leather jacket.

Bec & Bridge dress, Frame Denim denim jacket, Chloe boots, Celine bag, Kapten & Son watch, Karen Walker sunglasses

I can definitely see myself wearing this denim jacket throughout spring and it is definitely joining my packing list for my upcoming USA trip. 

x Karen

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

guess who's back...

After more than 2 years, I'm back blogging!

Just like how I never intended to stop blogging in the first place, once I had stopped, I never intended to start blogging again. I've been spending more of my time on instagram (follow me on @thechicndamned!) but I've recently really missed blogging.

MLM Label
dress, Glassons tee, Gucci loafers, Celine bag, Kapten & Son watch

So, I thought for my first post - I'll keep it simple, just like my outfit. 

A simple black slip dress, layered with a white tee and black leather accessories. Minimal fuss.

x Karen

Monday, 28 April 2014

leather theory

Theory jumper, Bassike striped tee, ASOS leather skirt, Celine trio bag in 'rust', Converse sneakers, Karen Walker 'deep freeze' sunglasses

I'm really been enjoying the recent cold chill in the weather. It is most definitely my favourite time of the year (and not just because it's around my birthday). I love watching the trees in my backyard turn into a spectacular fiery hue, except for the Frangipani who is still standing strong and blooming. I've been trying to spend some time cleaning out my wardrobe and so far, all I've managed to do is to dig out a few jumpers and cause a greater mess than before. 

Every year, I try to organise my wardrobe before buying for the new season. It's especially important with the shop on the verge of launching and going live, I can't emphasis how much I've ordered for myself. If I don't familiarise myself with what I already have, I will undoubtedly end up with something new but very similar; I really don't stray away from the tried and tested monochrome. Things like this Theory jumper, which I've had for almost a year and half now, has been on high rotation lately and if I hadn't found it in my winter stack in time, I most likely would have ended up purchasing something in that family. 

I'm really enjoying shopping from my own wardrobe these days. I am so excited to share my "curation" with you guys!

x karen

Monday, 21 April 2014

science club

A Fine Line 'Science Club' t-shirt, Alice & Olivia 'butterfly' shorts, Superga sneakers, Chanel 'Boy' Bag, Karen Walker 'Super Duper' sunglasses

It's not everyday you find the perfect graffiti wall to take photos in front of, but when I do, it really emphasised the almost-all-white outfit that I'm wearing. It could not be more glaringly obvious that here that colour is has pretty much disappeared from my clothing and can only be found in the background. But I really shouldn't make overarching statements like that because then something like this happens

Either way, these photos make me miss the sunshine like crazy because all we've had in Sydney for the past few weeks are rain storms interspersed with random bursts of sunshine. 

x karen

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

and so in conclusion ...

T by Alexander Wang tee, Zara leather skirt, J Crew denim jacket, Chanel boy bag, Seed sneakers

If I didn't live in perpetual fear of "outfit repeating", I'd probably find myself in this exact outfit until the mercury drops so low that I start getting frost bite on my legs. Which is precisely why I always end up wearing outfits that are at various levels of resemblance to each other, the technicality of not actually wearing the same outfit on loop relieves me of the hives and anxiety that would normally ensue. Meanwhile, this outfit gives the best summary of my typical outfit (and current wardrobe obsession): stripes, leather, denim, animal print and then some more leather for good luck. Colour is so sadly lacking that I could probably pass for a black and white photo, if it wasn't for my residual Bali tan (I obviously don't consider denim to be a colour). 

These Seed sneakers are the perfect fun ballet-flat (or even black boot) alternative, without the Celine or Givenchy price-tag. I almost allowed myself to walk away with the leopard print version, because that's exactly what my wardrobe needs, more leopard (not true, fyi!). The monochrome python skin is a fun new animal print for me to obsess over, and I was truly grateful to wear some flat shoes after the torture I put my feet through during fashion week. 

x karen