Thursday, 20 December 2012


Joe's Jeans High Water // Lee men's shirt // Miu Miu bag // Madewell belt // Tony Bianco heels

If I'm going to wear a certain brightly coloured or patterned (or both) item of clothing
in my outfit, my knee jerk response is to reach for my trusty Bassike white or grey tees. 
The other day, I was wearing this men's Lee shirt and I happened to be trying on this
pair of Joe's jeans I had lying around in my closet- because this is actually what
 I do for fun. I was surprised how nicely the two looked together, there's a subtlety 
in the way the almost non-existent pinstripes on the shirt is blended with the very bold
print of the denim. 

It was a good blend that just goes to show that I should have more fun with my wardrobe
& not always following my knee jerk response. 


  1. Such a cute outfit. And definitely, you should always look for ways to have fun with your wardrobe. Basic is safe but can be boring!

  2. That shirt is absolutely stunning. I love it! I've been lusting after those shoes for a little while too, but have another pair too similar to justify buying them. They look fabulous on you.

    Lauren x
    Gordon + Gold