Sunday, 16 December 2012



                   This is probably the most perfect movie-watching outfit. The peplum allows stomach movement because I inevitably always
                   snack like I've been starved for 3 days during movies; and it has the added benefit of allowing you to sneak in some extra 
                   chocolates underneath all that fabric. Why be subjected to extra charges at the cinema when the money can go towards
                   greater cause, like your Chanel Boy Bag Fund (feel free to donate to mine if you don't already have one). Dressing for 
                   the cinemas is much akin to dressing for plane rides; it's all about comfort (unless you are Victoria Beckham) and being
                   prepared for Artic winds in the form of an overcompensating Air-Conditioner. That's why even though its the hottest day 
                   of December; jeans and a scarf is still recommended. Plus, I'm watching Twilight- so I'm going to need to rug up just
                   seeing Kristen Steward's sullen and broody gaze. 

                   And, as always, add heels to properly show off your ankles from the confines of your boyfriend jeans. These are my 
                   go-to boyfriend jeans from J Brand, to whom I pretty much will sell my children for a life time quantity. It's always important
                   to dress for which movie you're watching i.e if you're watching James Bond then you drive your Aston Martin and thusly,
                   if you're watching Twilight then you make sure you don't wear any jewellery. There is enough sparkles emulating from 
                   from the screen without you adding to it, which also means that a pair of sunglasses is absolutely necessary to fight off
                   all that glare from the silver screen. 

                   Now, go forth and watch some movie that isn't Twilight.

                   x karen


  1. I LOVE your sense of humor.This is beyond the perfect outfit for the movies. I'd add an over-sized purse to sneak even more snacks inside :-)

  2. This would be such a chic outfit! I would definitely wear it. And I love peplum for the same reasons haha :)