Friday, 28 December 2012


Insight striped dress // Mango denim shirt // Nike x Liberty sneakers // Cambridge Satchel Co bag // RVCA snapback

I sincerely hope that you were having too much of a good time during Christmas
to notice how quiet my little ole blog was. I've been busy spending time with family 
and friends whilst simultaneously stuffing my face with food and attempting to avoid
the temptation of the Boxing Day Sales (the only pitfall of my upcoming holiday).

Christmas in Australia means lots of sunshine so it's always a good idea to have a 
hat ready (no hat, no play!), snapbacks are preferable especially if they match
your kicks. Extreme sunshine also requires a thin jacket or shirt to throw over
the sundress you're wearing so that you don't go and develop skin cancer
(we hear/see enough warning advertisements to be appropriately weary)
so the denim shirt that you've been wearing all winter long should be kept in
rotation. Don't forget to belt your dress so that, should you forget the above
warning, you can get some colour on your legs. 

After living in Australia for almost my whole life, I think I've finally
realised the biggest paradox of the Australian way of life is our obsession
in going to the beach & getting our tan on whilst sweating bullets at the 
mere thought of skin cancer. So the lesson is, girls & boys, be good in 2013
so that Santa will bring you the presents you want.
(Were you expecting a real lesson? What am I, Mother Goose?)


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  1. Very nice, love the stripes. And those shoes, oh my gosh! They're adorable. Girly kick on kicks! X