Wednesday, 12 December 2012

variations of such

Current Elliot jeans // Wrangler knit // Saba leather jacket // Country Road tote // Tony Bianco 'Karissa' heels // Madewell belt

I can't believe that it's December and I'm still able to wear my leather jacket. Granted,
it's probably thinner than most denim jacket I own, it still serves as a reminder of what
a tease summer has been this year. Well, it gives me a chance to air out my favourite 
Current/Elliot polka dot jeans (worn previously here). They're the perfect understated
statement jeans, it adds the perfect amount of quirky to any outfit without completely
overpowering it. 

These photos were taken just up the street from Orto Trading Co. where my boyfriend
& I decided to go to celebrate the end of my intense week of summer school. I originally 
had grand plans of being able to take photos for le blog after classes but even I didn't 
want to subject anyone to my face after 9 hours of 'interpretations of contract law". 
But you're not really missing out on much, it was pretty much variations of the above,
with the occasional pair of One Teaspoon shorts thrown in (you know how obsessed 
I am). But I've been busy this weekend, so be prepared for a blogging onslaught.

x karen


  1. You look so pretty! The good thing about the cold is that layering is so chic. Great setting for a photo too xo

  2. i absolutely love this look!! it looks amazing!!!following you on Gfc!!