Friday, 14 December 2012

batman ... not that you can tell

Urban Outfitter tee // ASOS denim jacket // Zara skirt // Witchery bag & beanie // Alexander Wang boots

Windy days are probably not ideal for a thin chiffon skirt, I can't even
count the number of people I inadvertently flashed. I swear this was not 
intentional on my part (wholly intentional anyways- I joke!). I'm glad 
decided to bring along my new denim jacket, it was heavy and long
enough to stop most of the Marilyn-above-a-heat-grate moments that
I was having. 

Then, inspired by my tee (Batman print- unfortunately you can't 
see properly), I tried to use it to pretend to be a superhero. 
But the photos are too embarrassing to share.
A lady must learn to at least keep a few secrets- you already
know far too much.

x karen


  1. What a beautiful photos! You look absolutely great! :)

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  2. Love the distressed denim paired with that feminine skirt. Just gorgeous!

    Lauren x

  3. super nice style! really love your beanie and jacket <3 anyway i'm following you now, if you like my blog you can follow me back :)