Sunday, 29 April 2012

wish i'd bought ACNE POP TRASH

photo credits: Columbine Smile at LFW

I think the metaphorical pie that is my blog deserves a huge slice section dedicated to things that I had wish I'd purchased. Not to be confused with thing's that I want to purchase. Although, items on the latter list will inevitably find it's way onto the former list- me being a poor uni student and all. Unless there are any sponsors out there, feel free to holla my way. 

To start of this new section, I present to the now infamous Acne pop trash jeans. They are  obligatorily sold out and unattainable. Of course, I had my chance and snubbed it. How will I know I really want to play with something unless everyone else has it and I can't? (Only child syndrome?) But really, my logical brain screamed at me as my mouse hovered over the check out button; almost as if it knows that the one thing between me and those jeans are the lack of overly friendly and fun shop assistants. 

I trawled the worldwide net to try and find one last pair. I found a bunch of obscene stores, some intense acne medication and more DIY posts than you can shake a metallic pink Wang heel at. But the sartorial gods heard my cry and decided that I deserved it for listening to my logical self- that skinny jean clothed bitch in comfortable heels. 

Please don't even remind me that it also came in the form of an A-Line skirt and jacket and subsequently sold out. 

Now repeat after me: I sincerely swear that should this ever occur again, I shall have my left hand wielding a credit card and my right hand steady over the check out button. 



  1. Ah damn. I love those jeans and was contemplating purchasing a pair myself but I would be in the same predicament as you!
    I understand the only child syndrome - that would explain why I seem to want so many things after I see other people wearing it.
    Dannijo shipping is ridiculous. I even emailed to ask why it was so expensive (if Shopbop can offer us free express shipping surely they can), but their incompetent customer service rep told me they could ship it to Canada for $65. Clearly she has no idea where Australia is...

    Mel x

  2. These shoes are so sick! ACNE has always been super rad anyway but they are SO gorgeous<3
    And thanks for commenting on my blog:)

    1. if only i could still find these acne jeans :(

  3. So we're totally in the same boat AND I stumbled upon your blog based on my search for the pop trash skirt and jeans! Hehe. I also had the chance to snag both but I procrastinated. I seriously can't find either anywhere and it's driving me crazy! Wishing the both of us luck that we eventually find our holy grails! ;)


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