Friday, 1 February 2013

rainy days

Sass & Bide jumper | Rag & Bone 'portobello' leather shorts (seen here & here| Converse studded sneakers | Mulberry clutch

In the oh so glamorous world of fashion blogging, there are a few universal truths. Aside from throwing away all the rules 
you learnt as a child (i.e. you should never judge a book by its cover- instead, you learn to play your 'cover' to your strengths),
there is the universal importance placed on the unwavering search for the mythological perfect lighting. Sometimes, 
someone up there shines a smile your way and you hit that perfect spot; the lighting equivalent of the 'G Spot' except
only harder to find. 

And then there are days, or weekends, filled with so much rain that you knew you wouldn't even be able to wait for a break
to sneak a few shots in (photographic shots, not the tequila kind- there's always room for that). That was pretty much the 
weekend that past; rain so miserable and dreary that we might as well live in London. But somehow, I got lucky and I was
able to take a few photos after lunching at the Cross. It was a simple outfit, perfect for a rainy summer's day.

x karen


  1. Great casual look, love the R&B shorts. And couldn't agree more on the photography thing - if only people knew the story behind each photo and the efforts to achieve it!!

    Micah x

  2. I'm desperate for some leather shorts!


  3. Lovely, did you do those converse yourself?

    Warm regards, Tyler

    1. Yep, there's at special "stud bar" at Bondi Junction General Pants- so if you're in Sydney then you should check it out!

      x karen

  4. Great look