Friday, 8 February 2013


plane ride

As of this moment, I am officially packed for my one month trip in Asia; Hong Kong, Thailand & Japan.
I've been culling my luggage for the last few hours and I still feel like I've simultaneously overpacked and most 
likely left out something important. I've also been debating how far I'm willing to go in the name of comfort. 
A 9 hour plane ride pretty much means that any thoughts of a fashionable incline ran out the door once
it hit 4-5 hours. So, rather than showing you the quasi-pajama outfit that I am actually wearing
(I won't lie, Juicy Couture sweatpants were mentioned, sans any writing if that helps any) I put something
I would rather be wearing but instead am packing into my luggage. 

x karen


  1. Oof. Those long flights to Asia are bruuuuutal. Love the imaginary travel outfit- but I'm sure the actual pajama outfit will be quite stylish too. :) Have a wonderful trip!

    Sending warm regards from Washington, D.C.!

    x Steph of Stylesmiths

  2. Love the trench!
    But don't worry, I still find sweatpants and 'comfy clothes' can still be fashionable when worn with confidence and class. Enjoy the plane ride!

  3. Wow sounds like someone will have a whale of a time!
    Lol I get on the plane and get changed!
    NRC ♥

  4. Cool look, I really want a good trench! Uggs are perfect for long flights btw :)