Wednesday, 27 February 2013

15 minutes eternal

Isabel Marant Etoile skirt | St James top | Mister Zimi leather jacket | Senso boots | Chloe bag

I've been having the most amazing time on my holiday, I actually have barely thought about
blogging. Previously, I was so sure that I'd use this amazing opportunity to take lots of exotic photos
but really, I've just been trying to soak up as much as I can.

After a gruelling 24+ hours, I finally made my way from Phuket, Thailand to Japan's Narita Airport. 
The change in climate is such an adjustment, along with the difference of the society in general.
I just came back from going out for a wander around Shinjuku and the cold was very
confronting, especially since I've spent the last 10 days in nothing but One Teaspoon shorts and 
Bassike tanks. 

I'm missing the more temperate winters of Hong Kong, my first destination, so I decided to get my act 
together and post these photos from when I was lucky enough to catch the Andy Warhol: 15 Minutes Eternal 
exhibition at the Hong Kong Museum of Art. It's in commemoration of the 25th year of his death. I can't
say that I've always been a Warhol fan or knew any of his works besides the rudimentary
ones that most people are exposed to. However, after seeing the exhibition I feel that I have a 
greater understanding of the principles behind his work and it was interesting just to see the way
in which his paintings and sculptures developed over time. I don't think I'm lying if I said 
that this was probably the most memorable experience that I'm taking away from Hong Kong
(especially since I've been twice before). Well, the Exhibition and my Celine experience-
although they were on the same day so really, its the same thing. 

I promise to post some more photos soon, in the meantime, I'll be on instagram- @thechicndamned.

p.s. if you find yourself crossing paths with the Andy Warhol exhibition, thank yourself by going there-
and then you can come and thank me later!

x karen


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  2. Awesome outfit! I love the shoes:)