Thursday, 14 February 2013

knits & dots

 Zara knit | vintage skirt | Miu Miu clutch | Acne boots | Luv AJ necklace | Michael Kors watch

If you've ever been to Hong Kong, you know that from the moment you land its a go-go-go pace
amidst a sea of people. It's a potent mix of a zealous need to hit all the shopping spots and a heady 
realisation of the overpopulation. This is the excuse that I'm sticking with to counter for my lack 
of posts here. 

This outfit was taken just a few days before I left for the far Orient, it was when Sydney was 
under an awkward spell of a dip in temptation and I pulled out my knit, in preparation for my Asia
travels. Admittedly, I could easily wear this outfit here in HK, so really, that's just as good as 
an HK outfit post. Although, there will be one (or two) coming. But this is just the first leg
of my journey, there will definitely be more photos from Thailand and Japan.

x karen

p.s. totally splurged at Celine today, photos to come in the next post


  1. Really good look, I love putting a chunky knit with something delicate


  2. Love the outfit!!!