Thursday, 31 January 2013

on wednesdays we wear army print

Talulah top| Sass & Bide jeans | Nude Lucy blazer | Sass & Bide bag

There is no problem in the world (of fashion) that can't be solved with some army print. Not to be confused
with the actual army, Marvin Gaye has already taught us that war is not the answer and that love
should conquer. So, if love can save Harry Potter on numerous occasions, then surely my love for the army
print can save many an outfit. 

The army print is a man of little words and only the important words. So, essentially its the 
Mr Darcy of the prints. It's that elusive print that will somehow balance out that girly silk & crocheted 
top you're wearing. It's that subtle print that won't try and upstage your brightly beaded clutch. 
It's that print that will offer support and camouflage should you need it. 

There are many reasons to wear army print, but mostly because...

on Wednesdays, we wear army print.


  1. I have a Camo jacket and can't stop wearing it! Great post x

  2. Cute look! Love the bag against the white! and of course the army print! xx

  3. Love a good army print - and love the bag - got that one too :)

    Micah x

  4. Love that bag!