Friday, 11 January 2013

capital m

 After seeing these photos on Studded Hearts, I couldn't help but repost them.
Miranda Kerr is probably one of my favourite models of all time, perhaps slight jingoism
comes into play, but mostly because her "off-duty" looks are always so spot-on. 
She has the uncanny ability of being able to take the hottest trends and work them into
a casual and very wearable outfit. She's always fun to look at when you need a hit of inspiration.
Perhaps its the ease in which she wears her outfits or those dimples and always polished hair
but honestly, it's most likely a combination of all of the above plus that super cute kid of hers.

x karen


  1. agreed. her style is ridiculously on point

  2. All time favourite! Her style is flawless! Thanks for checking out my blog lovely! Following you xx

    oh my gilded

  3. She's so gorgeous! Love every single image! XO, Kat