Monday, 21 January 2013

summer leathers

 Bassike tank dress | Saba leather jacket | Topshop heels | Zara clutch | Karen Walker 'deep freeze' sunglasses | Juicy Couture necklace | Dannijo bracelet | low luv bangle | vintage belt

I'm not sure if this holds true for anyone else, but I find myself needing to layer after a few consecutive days of 
authentic summer weather. Of course I don't mean layering in temperatures where its only appropriate to play a game 
of "what's the least amount of clothes I can wear without being called out for public indecency", however the minute
the temperature drops to anything in the vicinity of anywhere below 30s- I have either my leather or denim 
jacket ready and prepped to go. This explains why, during the Australian heat waves, I'm wearing my leather
jacket- there was a rare day of rest from the sweltering heat and I embraced it. 


  1. gorgeous outfit! I love the jacket and heels

  2. I have these shoes and they certainly are my go-to statement shoe!
    I feel in love with them the second I saw them waiting for me at Topshop Sydney

    Love your blog btw xx
    Check mine out?

  3. Sweltering heat? OMG. I'm so jealous. It's freaking freezing cold here. Totally jealous of your bare legs! Love the outfit. You look super cute. xx

  4. love this look, you look amazing :)