Friday, 4 January 2013

christmas goodies.

(L-R) Saint James tee // Zimmermann jumpsuit // Josh Goot reef tee // Sunday Somewhere sunglasses // Sass & Bide clutch // Emma Mulholland

Christmas means doing a lot of Christmas shopping, whilst listening to Frank Sinatra or Michael Buble
crone Christmas carols. Inevitably, during that time you will find yourself sidetracked and somehow
start buying presents for yourself. That's what the crazy holiday season will do to you. It's not your
own fault, blame it on the Season!

Some of these things were presents from family, the rest were accidentally picked up whilst buying
presents for my family. And by that, I don't mean a five-fingered discount, my bank account definitely
is feeling the impact. However, during my aimless wanderings I was able to justify all these extra

1. Everyone needs a striped Saint James tee in their life. If any well meaning relative comments on any
additional holiday weight, blame it on the stripes and then proceed to make them feel very

2. A present from my fashionable mother, this Zimmermann jumpsuit will be worn all summer long,
I will dress it up and dress it down and where it everywhere. Anything that comes with its own
jewellery deserves nothing less.

3. I desperately needed a piece of Josh Goot in my wardrobe and everything else required a special 
occasion. All I wanted was to take a leaf out of C.Centenera's book and wear it with my Nicholas
leather skirt and a pair of Converse.

4. Tortoiseshell sunglasses from Sunday Somewhere are essential for the Australia summer. I love the 
subtle cat-eye aspect of the Chely frames and the fact that they're all handmade? Perfection.

5. Tribal and all things beaded have been on my mind for the longest time and when my old beaded
clutch (seen here) started to fall apart. I needed a new one and Sass & Bide had the perfect option, it's
the perfect bag for a casual outfit of a plain white tee and One Teaspoon shorts (you know how much I
love those).

6. Emma Mulholland iguana skirt. Now, where do I start? There is so much that I love about this
pattern and the general cut of this skirt. It's the whimsical iguanas wearing glasses whilst playing
basketball that really scream buy me to me. It's the perfect amount of tight without being all
hoochie mama and it has the added bonus of not riding up when I walk, all tailors of short skirts should
take note on the importance of this (Alexander Wang, I'm looking at you). 

So, how's all your Holiday Loot?



  1. So much amazing color! Would you like to follow eachother? xx

  2. Soooo jealous of these! That Goot print is everything! xx

    oh my gilded