Friday, 14 September 2012


Mango denim shirt // Bassike striped tee // J Brand skinnies // Oroton clutch // Chopard watch // Mimco yellow beaded bracelet

This is pretty much a variation of what I normally wear when I'm heading off to uni. As you can probably tell, I love a good pair of jeans and any comfy t-shirt to throw over it- then I'm pretty much happy. Of course, I have days were I really feel like dressing up but this is for when I really want comfort. And to be honest, getting too dressed up for uni just seems a bit silly. 

I have an irrational fear that I'm wasting my outfit on an insignificant day

x k


  1. Ha, I always think 'why am I dressing up for a day that doesn't matter', but every day matters and it's always about keeping up appearances! Love the little wrist-pop-of-color, you're cute.

  2. Love the detailing in those boots. Your uni outfit is still more dressed up than I ever was. Looking back I was a little too under-dressed.Great style.

  3. This is really beautiful - I love the denim blouse and boots. xx

  4. You look absolutely lovely, honey! Those boots are so cool.
    All the best,

    Jana & Vanessa from charming Berlin ♥

  5. You look amazing and love your booties :)
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  6. Love how simple and chic this look is. I esp love the boots. They give a nice pop to the whole look.

  7. Love your outfit, the boots are beautiful! I also have that fear ;)