Sunday, 2 September 2012

flowers for fathers day

Zara floral blouse // Rude Lucy blazer // J Brand 'Aidan' boyfriend jeans // Alexander Wang 'Caroline' boots

I only just recently found out that Australia celebrates Fathers Day on a different day from the rest of the world. I had alway assumed it was a international holiday that was celebrated on the same day, like Christmas and my birthday. But whenever it is celebrated, it always poses the biggest conundrum for me. I never know what to get my dad and I always end up last minute picking something up from Ralph Lauren or the latest COD game. This year, I spiced things up by adding flowers on top of my standard R.Lauren gift- but in the form of a floral print blouse that I wore as we spent a good part of the day just eating. 

I hope you all had a great Father's Day with your dads!

x k


  1. Wait you have the Aidan boyfriend jeans? I've been wanting a pair of those for forever! x

    1. I got them last year when they went on sale at Shopbop! They are so ridiculously comfortable!
      I'm loving the J Brand Aoki ones, distressed love <3