Thursday, 20 September 2012

busy busy busy

Image courtesy of Style by Kling

Rush, rush, rush! 

I am so enamored by the different aspects at play here. It's a chic outfit without any hints of the "how-many-trends-can-I-squeeze-into-one-outfit" game that so many streetstylers seem to play these days- but yet, it's so now even with all the 90s influences. It's a simple outfit that you can throw together from the items in your own closet- tanned legs are a must, not an option. 

This outfit makes me rethink why I've been hiding my Joe's Jeans dungaree until warmer weather. I think it's time I layered it over a long tee and tie a (p)leather jacket around my waist. I still have qualms about ruining perfectly good leather. But rest assured, if this experiment fails I will refrain from contaminating my blog and your eyes with any photographic evidence. You can sleep easy with only this image in your mind. 

Truthfully, I think my favourite aspect of this photo is the voyeuristic nature. Here she is, running out after a show, dodging the parked Mercedes and hoping that the white van/taxi/blurred object on the right will stop for her. Perhaps, she's renacting a modern day fairy tale. We don't know if her other shoe is still on. She could be running away from a brunch ball, needing to get back to the office before the evil step-editor does. Who knows?

x k


  1. She looks really cool! I so could not pull off the overalls but I admire anyone that can. Can't wait to see your take on this outfit!

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  2. Aww, I just love this outfit! So effortless and cute x

  3. Oh I adore those candid moments! This is a gorgeous photo of you!


  4. I love this photo! Such a good shot! xx