Saturday, 28 July 2012

thechicndamned on instagram

 1// deceivingly good looking spaghetti that was very bland and disappointing
 2// outfit possibility that didn't work out  because I forgot it was still winter
 3// random night time expedition that ended up at Luna Park
 4// I've been living in my neon yellow 7 for all mankind jeans
 5// it was very eerie walking to the station in this fog
 6// my loves
 7// caved for the 2nd time to the net-a-porter sale (Isabel Marant Zora wedges)
 8// amazing bruschetta, I love that it was so different from the traditional style
9// wearing sweats out in public, because I can



  1. Great pics and blog!

  2. Love all your golden jewelry, and those neon pants especially!