Tuesday, 24 July 2012

neon lust.

neon love.

I was pretty much just minding my own business when I innocently opened an ill-fated email from net-a-porter. I thought it would be safe considering the fact that its sales were over and I'd done enough damage. But nope, boy was I wrong. I was savagely assaulted by a neon thing in the shape of an Acne beanie. It was instantaneous and all consuming lust. The kind where consequences be damned, you'll explain it to your girlfriend/boyfriend the next day but right now at this moment you had to give into your primal desires.

But I'm stronger than that. 

So instead of actually buying the beanie (and fyi- I've been on the hunt for a neon beanie for the longest time) I bought it virtually through polyvore. It's a complex relationship that I have with polyvore. That bitch is really good at making me buy more. Really good.

But I really can't justify 83 pounds on a beanie. 
I know you're not supposed to put a price on love, but really this is just lust.


ps. if you know where I can get a cheaper option of a neon beanie, please save my wallet and let me know!


  1. Amazing shoes! I'm following you now :)


  2. Amazing set, dear!


  3. What an amazing set! Love that orange bag! And you have an amazing blog :D !

  4. omg super love that burberry shoes and rag&bone leather shorts, amazing apparels! xx

    Letters To Juliet

  5. Great selection!! Love the orange clutch!