Sunday, 20 May 2012

shoes make me happy.

Okay- that was a pretty redundant statement considering that (a) i'm a female and (b) this is a fashion blog.  But really, shoes make me ridiculously stifled-laughter happy. It's kind of insane to watch, and I truly feel for anyone who sees me when I open up a package that contains new shoes or find the last pair in my size in the store, in possibly all of Sydney and that cannot be found anywhere online (a la my Wang Joan pumps).

When I saw the new pre-fall collection from Brian Atwood the only thought that was going through my head was; I will survive on only korean instant noodles and air to buy these shoes. Then I got giddy thinking about all the weight I was going to lose; malnourished chic y'know? Who else but Brian Atwood could capture the essence of an entire city with just a set of legs and a pair of shoes. I love the leopard Parisian heels with the polka dot tights, the sophisticated lace and New York booties, the knee high argyle socks with the fur coat in Tokyo and the simmering sexiness of Madrid and Milan. Honest thought: I'm a bit affronted that Sydney didn't get it's own half-a-model. Our shoe statement of choice may have been a down-to-earth havianas but with the amount of talent we're showing on the blogosphere and instagram-osphere(?) with Christine Centenera, Gary Pepper Vintage and TuulaVintage leading the pack- surely we should be getting our own foot model? 


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  1. These shoes were all beautiful and amazing.

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