Thursday, 17 May 2012

pyjama party.

Zara blazer // Zara trousers // Dotti cami // Tony Bianco Karissa shoes // Anarchy Street collar // Miu Miu clutch

I've been wanting to try the print suit for awhile and this Zara outfit is perfect to get me started. It is such a different mind frame from the past few years of mix-and-matching; I was never really good at mixing patterns because I'm a scardey-cat. I love the idea of a matching suit because it really takes the time out of deciding what to wear in the morning it reminds me Cher Horowitz (if you didn't get the Clueless reference, I don't think we can be friends). The pants are comfortable and the print reminds me of pyjamas; it's rare to find fashionable clothes that are comfortable but now I really want to get my hands on pair of slightly more uncomfortable suit with a more bold print a la Camilla & Marc



  1. i like the mix of patterns it is subtle but adds interest, i definitely need a pair of pants like this but i have been struggling to find a good pair! it is the perfect concept they are so comfortable and stylish! also i haven't watched clueless in so long!!! ill have to do that soon...


  2. LOVE your hair! And the pajama pants are so cute :) you did it right.


  3. Cute outfit, the blazer's awesome. x

  4. So beautiful! Take a look at my blog and maybe you wanna follow each other?! :X

  5. I love this look!