Wednesday, 16 May 2012

denim shirt.

Sportsgirl denim shirt // Wrangler denim shorts // Witchery bag // JW Alderson for Aldo heels 

My favourite part of autumn are the days where the sun is out but there's a gentle cool breeze; the perfect scene for layering. But days like these are often wedged between the times when mother nature is on one of her bipolar swings. This was one of those days, the sun was out but there was no breeze and it felt almost like summer. I wore this outfit to the Incu Warehouse Sale and I have never been more thankful for snap close buttons. Of course, these heels were a last minute addition, I would be wholly insane to wear heels to the sale although in retrospect, high heels would have given me a sly advantage; extra height to reach over someone and weapons of mass feet destruction should people be in my way. 

I enjoy the idea of denim on denim, it's a look at I'm wary about wearing myself (too many horrible teenage flashbacks) but this was a safe way of doing denim on denim without too much denim; tongue twister? White denim shorts do with everything, so they are the perfect companion to sales- unless you're trying to be good then I suggest not bothering to go at all. Sales are not meant for good behaviour; go big or go home. Except not really, don't go and buy things you'd never wear again. Unless it's ridiculously cheap, then you're just saving money. Truth.

But I digress, how amazing are these heels? I love the pop of colour at the front and feathery/fringy goodness at the party. They are the perfection addition to an otherwise casual and safe outfit. 


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