Thursday, 31 May 2012

leather? check. black jeans? check.

herringbone check shirt // j brand zoey triple zip jeans // saba leather jacket // miu miu bag

I hope my terrible title didn't make you want to click that little 'x' to close this window. But you get it? Am I wearing leather...check(ed shirt). Get it? Get it? Don't worry. I'm blaming this weird mood on too much caffeine, in preparation for my essay due this Friday. I'm not quite sure why 'friday' deserves a capital except for the day that my essay is due...and it leads into the weekend. So, I really have mixed feelings towards friday. 

Drove to the DHL centre today so that I could send off a few items back to shopbop. I'm not a big returner, especially things that I buy online- sheer laziness. But actually can't wait until I get my refund- feels like payday, especially with all the sales going on at the moment. Although I've been good and only bought one or two things that I've had my eye on for awhile. Anyways, when we were leaving the centre the sun looked so pretty behind the palm trees so we snapped a few photos before going to uni for my night time class (it sounds good in theory but really kills your spirit). 

Believe it or not, I've never owned a pair of black jeans. I know it's meant to be slimming but I never got around to buying a pair. The other day, my friend looked really good in her high-waisted Cheap Monday black skinnies and I got inspired and splurged on a pair of J Brand triple zipper jeans in black. If you haven't bought or tried a pair of J Brand jeans yet then you are missing out. And this isn't even a J Brand sponsored post (although, if they wanted to send a few pairs my way then just holla). They are ridiculously comfortable and I love the zippers. I'm not going to lie, I have such anxiety wearing jeans because I hate when they stretch but J Brand really holds their shape well!

Seriously, go and get yourself some J Brand jeans and you can thank me later. 



  1. wow I love your outfit! I love the jbrand zip jeans and how you layered the top :) it looks great! And the photos look amazing too!


  2. i like the tough details on this outfit


  3. Love your style and your blog!

  4. simply all black looks always stylish

    <3 Nicol

  5. Loving those booties ! Are they leather ? been wanting to buy them, but they say that just the lining is leather not the outer ?