Tuesday, 1 May 2012

incoming storm.

t bar 'guns n roses' tee // zara printed scarf skirt // wasteland studded boots // saba leather jacket // miu miu clutch // 
house of harlow ring // fashionology skull bracelet

Baby, if I could use photoshop the way I could use MS Word- I would cut and delete you all over. Sorry, you're interrupting my conversation with Mr Teelafone Polle over here. You see, he insists on photobombing in the background- says that he can't help it and that he doesn't understand woman yada ya. He needs to know that there's an incoming storm and he's ruining the view of Mr Storme Claud. It's all that excitement and frisson, you know? 

God I hope you're not rotting your brain from reading the above. I 'stole' this leather jacket from my mum's closet, but considering the times she takes my military jackets- I think we're pretty much on even. Except for the giving birth to me and everything, that's a whole other birkin to worry about. Do you see those shoes? AH-mazing. It's as if the Acne Pistol (which has subsequently been moved down the wish list) went to a bachelor party, got drunk and went to Kings Cross for some ill-fated piercings...and a few tassels. Except that it turned out looking pretty funky and a lot cheaper. 

And if that shoe really went on an adventure, then it had a better weekend than me. And now, isn't that insolvency law case note sad?



  1. great look! i love the jacket! It works well with the outfit!


    1. thanks! stealing from my mum's wardrobe means doubling my wardrobe :D