Thursday, 4 July 2013

play me the blues

J Crew sweater | Zara skorts, heels & clutch | Celine sunglasses

Like I complained in my last post, we've had two weeks of unbearable rain in Sydney. So the moment it even somewhat cleared up, I pulled out my not-very-winter-appropriate white Zara skorts. But I did balance it out with my J Crew cashmere sweater in the most cuddly blue colour. After not seeing the Sydney sky in its splendid blue for two weeks, it seemed appropriate to celebrate its return with a sweater of a sky blue shade. 

 x karen


  1. I hear you sister, the weather in Sydney has been so crappy! Horrible for us bloggers cos we can't shoot our outfits! Love the blue sweater, looks gorgeous on you especially with the white skort xx

  2. That white skort is the reason I live. It looks so good with EVERYTHING!

  3. love everything about this look!

    xx Jenn