Wednesday, 15 May 2013

those skorts

Zara denim shirt | Zara skorts | Chloe boots | Comme des garcons clutch

No doubt, you're probably sick of seeing these skorts on every other blogger. And I myself never thought I'd even be wearing skorts, now that I no longer need to run around the playground and hang upside down on the monkey bars; not that I ever could, I'm really not the most athletic person around...ever. But these Zara variation of the childhood skort, which only ever brings back memories of ugly school sport's uniforms that consisted of large royal blue skorts, have a certain panache that is hard to turn your back to.

At first instance of trying these on, you're left with an overwhelming love for the fun structural element but its dampened by the feeling of wearing a skirt that's just a little bit too short. A friend assured me that it was alright because I was really wearing shorts. Except no one will know until you turn around. So I sized up to avoid any Britney Spears connotations from floating around in people's minds, or leaving chauffeured cars ... in people's minds. Although, really, surely wearing a pair of shorts that look like a too-short skirt isn't nearly as bad as girls who prance around two sizes too small One Teaspoon shorts from are cut up so high on the sides that I can see their kidneys?

Or maybe I'm just getting old and this is what happens. A slow descend into what will evidently be eloquent madness and longer hemlines. 

Except that sizing up didn't really make these skorts any longer, it only meant that there was more room for my to eat. But that I blame on the upcoming winter.

And the nonsense that was my post? I blame on humpday wednesdays. The last time you enjoyed a weekend was a whole 2 days ago and the next time you will enjoy you in a whole 2 days ahead. You're essentially in no man's land. Except not really, you're surrounded by the enemy that I like to call weekdays and you're weekend comrades are equally as far away. 

So essentially, weekdays suck but at least it means more blog posts flying around the internet. Enjoy!

 x karen


  1. ahhh I love your skirt!


  2. I could never get sick of these skorts, they are so damn gorgeous. I laughed at the One Teaspoon remark, haha! So true. I love this outfit so much! The entirety of it. x

  3. I see those skorts everywhere nowadays, they're so gorgeous!! Thanks for commenting on my blog by the way :)


  4. Great outfit! i love the shoes ♥