Wednesday, 22 May 2013


One of life's many joys is being the owner of the smug smile when you're on the receiving end of a compliment that hits the right spot. You know what's even better than that? The exponential increase in the level of smugness that has a direct relationship with the rarity of the object. This was witnessed earlier this year when everyone was clamouring for a pair of the Chanel espadrilles or any time 7/11 has its crazy slushy deals. It's well known that the rarer the object, the more special yours is- why else have limited editions? It's a fallacy of human nature, but oh well, sometimes you just got to roll with the punches. 

Basically, that was my prelude into discussing this coat. Finding the right winter coat is like finding the right boyfriend. Except not really, it's much much harder. It will be your companion through the cold winter mornings and lonely winter nights. So it will need to stand the test of wear. It will need to be handy for when you are in a time of need, or frostbite. So it will need to be warm. It will be carefully placed for when the snow finally thaws but ready for duty the minute the temperature drops. So it will need to stand the test of time. 

Most of all, it will need to make a statement. Nobody wants to be lost in a sea of winter blacks.

Now, find me another coat that ticks all those boxes*. 

 x karen

p.s. I totally lost the plot. the whole prelude was meant to warn you that being Viktoria + Wood - these coats will sell out in a frosty Sydney minute. Remember when that happened last year? I have my order in now. Do you?**

*boxes aren't actually there, feel free to use your imagination and follow me on bloglovin

**this isn't a plug from Viktoria + Wood, I paid for it with my hard earned money. Although, if they wanted to buy my words with their clothes, they're more than welcome to.

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