Monday, 13 May 2013

equipped for autumn

Equipment silk shirt | J Brand shorts (here| Willow boots | Celine sunglasses

This is definitely the most easy-peasy outfit in my wardrobe, especially for the mild autumn weather that we've been experiencing in Sydney lately. Also, I apologise for the awful pun that is my post title, but it had to be done- especially since the act of dragging myself from my warm bed and into the city for work has already completely drained all my mental capacity. I'm wouldn't be surprised if what I'm typing, which makes sense in my head, was just all random letters. Can word salad take a written form? Perhaps its the boggart of brain anomalies? 

Mondays are always the day that I miss my weekend wardrobe the most. Working in a law firm means that I have to dress very corporate to work, its not a simple dress code of just looking half-decent as like my other jobs. Although, I'm not going to lie, there are days where I've passed off black skinny jeans with an office appropriate silk blouse. But those are for truly special days of laziness. Otherwise, I try to channel the Donna from Suits look- in my head at least. In a perfect world, I could go to work wearing this above outfit, down to the comfy Willow boots. The loose silk blouse means that I can snack all day without any worries and the black jeans have enough stretch (and lift) to make even the dreariest days feel good. 

One can always dream.

 x karen


  1. Love that you've still made a corporate dress code look still so damn cute!

  2. Amazing shoes! Love this outfit.

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  3. Every shift I have and I walk past the Willow stand , I eye off these shoes... In love!


  4. In love with you boots and top... although not always work appropriate, easy-peasy outfits are also my favorite!


  5. Love this babe, and awesome shoes!

    Micah x