Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Indian summer

Witchery romper | Comme des garcon clutch | Celine new audreys | Saint Laurent arty ring 

The only logical thing to do when hit with an unseasonal heatwave is to scale back to minimal clothing, you may choose
to push the boundaries of decency but please leave that line uncrossed, and carry only your essentials. I managed to 
find this silk ditsy floral print romper in the back of my closet, a practical fossil from the '00s of this century. I chose to
carry only my essentials; sunglasses and a clutch enclosing my phone and credit cards, if only so that I can carry a drink
on one hand and ice cream on the other. 

Finding this jumpsuit also got me thinking about the lifespan of my wardrobe. I dream about having a French lady's 
wardrobe, in which everything is a timeless staple that will weather the harsh realities of ever-changing fashion and trend. 
I dream of being able to reach into my wardrobe and grab any items at random and find myself with an enviably
chic outfit. I've decided to slowly work myself in that direction, even if it means throwing (and by throwing I mean
ebaying) away any unnecessary clutter and buying only the timeless pieces that I will wear over and over again.
And by that I mean, not necessarily the standard classics but the classics that will fit into my life; I mean, I never wear
my Burberry trench as much as I wear my khaki jackets (see here & here) and whilst my Lover lace shorts 
might not be a wardrobe staple for most, but it definitely is for me.

Now comes the hard part, tooth-combing through my wardrobe and wish list to actually identify the classics
and not get distracted by things that I think I will wear but really, who am I fooling?

x karen


  1. Gorgeous playsuit! And I am completely with you on the wardrobe epiphany, however, honestly, it's so tempting to go ahead and buy the on-trend pieces because they're just so damn cute!