Thursday, 21 March 2013

birthday month


Helmut Lang stretch leather legging | Proenza Schouler snake-print skirt | Dannijo 'Oksana' earrings | Hermes CDC | Acne 'Rita' leather jacket | Valentino Rockstud heels | Proenza Schouler PS11 in sorber

I'm one of those people that get ridiculously, unexplainably, chocolate cake with fudge excited with the thought
of my birthday. The mere thought of my birthday gets me all giddy, let alone the sight of the Taurus horoscope
creeping its way up the magazine page- a tell-tale sign that it's almost birthday time.

For those of you that are astrology inclined, you'd realise that Taurus isn't for another month. But I'm all for
being prepared because the real reason I love birthdays (I am no longer amused by my digits increasing
every year) is that its the perfect excuse to buy myself a present (or two). For the sake of efficiency, I've compiled
a visual diagram of my cravings du jour. 

In reality, my budget does not extend to the dramatics of this collage however a girl can always dream right?
(and if family & friends (esp. bf) happen to be reading, a not-so-subtle hint has never led anyone astray before,
only to bankruptcy apparently). But with winter coming up, these are some essentials that will definitely 
get me through the upcoming season.

Winter means layering up and what better than Helmut Lang leather leggings and a Acne leather jacket
or two? The Proenza Schouler skirt is the perfect colouring for winter stocking layering shenanigans. 
And for the days where you want to lounge around in your boyfriend jeans, then these Valentino heels
will save your day, and your derriere. The Proenza bag is the perfect alternative to the traditional black,
and grey assortment of gloomy winter shades. A soft nude bag will see you through this season of dreaming
about spring.

And the jewels? Because every girl wants from Hermes & Dannijo for their birthday.
Even if she has to buy it for herself. 

The shoe on my feet, I've bought it
The clothes I'm wearing, I've bought it
The rock I'm rockin', I've bough it

Who am I to deny Destiny's Child?

x karen


  1. those studded shoes.... wow!


  2. I love your way of writing! :) And the skirt is just so gorgeous! :o This is a really good collage. :)

  3. love it! love to own those heels aswell