Monday, 5 November 2012

sculptures by the sea 2012

I don't think I ever understood the importance of the weekends
until it became the thin line between me and Jack Nicholson
in The Shining. 

All work and no play makes Karen a dull boy (?!)

I spent the past Sunday wandering around Bondi, 
probably one of my favourite places to be during the summer
All plans to see the Chanel exhibition went out the
door when I realised that it was the last day for the Sculptures
by the Sea exhibition. Evidently the same thought went through half
of Sydney-siders' head and boy was it packed there on Sunday!
And here I thought everyone had migrated south for Derby Day.

I wish I could have taken some more photos during the walk
but with the crowds of people swarming about, I was lucky to even 
see anything for myself. Although, truth me told, I was way too
mesmerized by the jewel toned ocean to really concentrate on the 
sculptures. As you can see from the above photos. 
You can view the photos here

x karen


  1. WOW that looks supergorgeous. I envy you for where you are. Holland is such a freaking boring and ugly country :(



  2. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

  3. i absolutely love it when sydneysiders post images of these.
    it's such a creatively genius concept featured in the perfect place. x.