Monday, 12 November 2012


Laduree limited-edition Lanvin box

Is it too much of a cliche for a fashion blogger to post pictures of macaroons, especially the variety from Laduree? Sometimes, it seems that fashion blogging and food blogging is nothing but an inextricable web of photos and irony (when did it become more fashionable to pose <post?> with food but to actually eat it? Well, that's another story). Not that I have a right to speak, I'm an unapologetic "fashion foodie"- which basically means a whole lot of food positioning and instragram filtering. 

Essentially, taking pictures of food is easy, readily available (an average of 3 meals a day, 7 days a week- that's a lot of photoshoot opportunities!) and it's pretty (pretty pictures on our Instragram...ergo, we're pretty?). Who knows? I don't pretend to delve into any deep dark psyches today- mainly in fear of stumbling across any hidden Freudian meanings; a macaroon is just a macaroon. They're pretty to look at, goes well with coffee and, most importantly, they come in a pretty Lanvin box appease the mother. 

Despite anything that I've said, I'm actually a big fan of Instagram foodies (if you follow me on instragram, you'll understand!- @thechicndamned). They're pretty, makes me hungry and introduces me to new restuarants/cafes. The last one only really works for the places within reach- i.e. nothing that involves a 12 hour plane ride, no matter how amazing the Mexican food looks in LA. So, seriously, keep on truckin' food-photo-taking (?). Haters will always hate and someone needs to provide the material. Think of it like a community service. I know I do. 

x k

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