Monday, 26 November 2012

modern spring romance

Equipment shirt, One Teaspoon jeans, 3.1 Phillip Lim d'Orsay heels, K is for Kani floral headband 

I recently read an article that lamented the fall of chivalry and gallantry due to the feminist movement. I'm a strong believer of to each their ownafter all, one person's polite gesture of opening the door for a female can and have been interpreted as someone else's expression of sexism. Whilst perfectly capable of opening my own doors, sometimes a simple gesture can be rather refreshing and reminiscent of the Austen world; a society that was heavily dictated by etiquette and manners. 

However, this article did get me thinking in this fast changing world and even faster changing fashion. How does romance and fanciful notions of Prince Charming translate into our world, and more importantly our wardrobe. If our greatest example is the Duchess of Cambridge and her infinite wardrobe of sensible nude pumps. Should we be foregoing our Louboutins and leather skirts in lieu of tea dresses and wedges should Mr Darcy come knocking on our door? 

The answer is a big, fat - NO!

Why wear a sensible floral dress to a spring picnic, whether its by the Serpentine or Bondi Beach or the Eiffel Tower, when you can restrict your floral to just a silk shirt to be paired with devilishly ripped boyfriend jeans. And maybe a floral crown too because, well just because. And modern romance should be exactly that; a contrast between the traditional notions of romance and our new unrestricted sense of freedom (and who said fashion was frivolous? Look at me being all theological and shit). The outfit should be the girly you that grew up watching Disney movies and the tomboy you that just wants to be comfortable. The heels? That's for the inner narcissist that knows a good pair of boyfriend jeans needs a good pair of heels.

After all, we're not really a boy.
x karen


  1. Such a nice post, and the photos are just amazing <3
    Followed :)

  2. You are really one of the few fashion bloggers out there, who actually writes something(in italic please) logical, entertaining and thoughts-provoking!
    And for that, I've bookmarked you.

  3. that shirt is so lovely and has such a spring feel, which i love.
    i've been clicking on your blog link in my comments section for so long and it always refuses to take me to your page. finally i decided it would be way more functional if i just typed it in myself and viola!
    so, i basically just want to add that i adore your wardrobe and would politely snatch it all off of you in a heartbeat! big love, x.

  4. i fell in love with those shoes!!!