Wednesday, 12 June 2013

winter leathers

winter leathers

There's a dangerous game that I like to play when I'm deeply immersed in my examination period. No, it's not how many episodes of Suits can I watch before releasing that that watching the greatest closer in the city practice law is really not quite the same as actually studying for law. Then there's that depression that follows; people will always assume you're life will then be surrounded by glass walls, hot paralegals and men with great taste in music and clothing when you're really just stuck inside a cubicle pushing paper.

No, I play a much more dangerous game than that. I play with my heart and my self-control. Although, lack of funds does sway the game in my favour. During the stressful exam period, I like to online shop. Y'know, really walk on the wild side by cutting down on my studying time and junk food budget. But what I realised this time was that, even when I'm virtual shopping (that is, adding to my shopping bag but never pressing that checkout button) I'm vying towards the classics. And somehow, somewhere along the line, I lost all colour except red. 

These are definitely things that I already have versions of in my wardrobe. Acne jacket included, YEP, did I not share the good news? Except for those Givenchy boots. I would really like those boots. If Santa is's winter in Australia...and isn't that what Christmas is all about anyways?

This will be the winter of white, black & red. Maybe the occassional grey for when I'm feeling really dangerous.

x karen


  1. Love the Celine bag!

    xo Jo

  2. Love the shoes!!

    xx Mounia

  3. Good look!
    A kiss from

  4. Winter in Australia - sure is... you might need that jacket for sure to keep you warm though!