Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Sass & bide dress Subtitles jacket (seen here) | Acne 'Rise' boots (seen here)| H&M bag

This dress is something that I've had in my wardrobe for the past year and it's been on

high rotation. It's the perfect shift for summer days where all you're doing is lounging around
and eating. But it also transitions to cooler days, the perfect pop of colour to wear with your
khaki jackets. 

But, after a recent epiphany (mostly due to the addition of a built-in wardrobe in my room)

I've realised how much the sheer of volume of my clothing has been weighing me down.
Over the years, I seem to have collected an endless amount of clothing but I constantly find
myself wearing the same pieces or similar items of clothing only, whilst lamenting the sad state
of my wardrobe. But this year is going to be different, I'm getting rid of all my excess clothes 
and it will be approached with militant self-control. 

Anything that doesn't align with my lifestyle now or my style now, will be gone. 

Anything that I've had more than a year but have worn less than 5, will be gone.
Anything that I don't love or am excited to wear, will be gone.
Anything that I'm holding onto purely for sentimental value, will be kept in the garage.
I tried.

Anyways, most of my things will be listed on ebay and then maybe moved to a blog shop.

Everything is genuine and everything is priced extremely well. I really just want 
the chance to streamline my wardrobe. My secret dream is to have a wardrobe that I can 
walk into and close my eyes, pick out a bunch of random things and for them to all to
mesh into a brilliant outfit. My wardrobe needs to work as my brain, if only I had that 

So, shop my ebay here and I'll let you guys know when I set up a blog shop.

x karen

p.s. just to show how serious I am, I even sold my Isabel Marant skirt from here
That's how serious I am.


  1. Great outfit and enjoyed reading this post :))

  2. Lovely post! I agree with everything you said-I want to pick up anything from my wardrobe and be excited to wear it! Cute outfit, the feminine colors compliment the jacket perfectly!

  3. great idea! I was thinking the same about my wardrobe, pick up a few items and have an amazingly chic look no matter what :). there are definitely a few things I could take out of my closet. Love the look btw.

  4. Great shoes!

  5. This is the cutest outfit! Love the bag.. cant believe its from H&M :)

  6. Hi!
    Cute outfit! I agree with you, it's important to change our wardrobe and give or sell want we don't use very often.
    Good luck!

  7. Love the dress and your hair. I tried to do the same with my closet but it's really a hard try :)

    However, what about following each other? Let me know on my blog (:


  8. Really cute outfit and hair!
    Loved that Clueless computer... :-)


  9. Love how that jacket adds some grunge to your fun dress

    Complacency Kills 

  10. Here is the link: Thank you very, very much!!! Love your style! and