Thursday, 11 April 2013

in her bag

Christine Centenera - Senior Fashion Editor
Edwina McCann - Editor-in-chief
 Philippa Brophy - Market Editor
  Rebecca Caratti - Style Editor
Signourney Cantelo - Beauty & Health Director
Zara Wong - Online Producer
Genevra Leek - Fashion Features Editor

I'm a firm believer that tucked away in the dark recesses of your mind, is a tiny little mini you
who is small parts Tinkerbell and large parts a voyeuristic Tinkerbell. I'm not sure why the Petter Pan
reference is necessary, but magic is always welcome in my life. Now, I don't mean a card-carrying,
night-vision-goggles-using, telescope-owning type of voyeur (but I'm not here to judge) but there's 
always an innate fascination with other peoples' lives etc. I mean, gossip magazines have built
a multi-million industry on it, and we, the public, keep buying it even though it contradicts itself
every second week. 

But I digress, with Australia Fashion Week almost on its last legs, one of the more interesting 
Vogue pieces was a simple "what's in her bag" shoot featuring the Vogue Editors. Without undermining
their fantastic coverage of the shows, this spread on their fashion week handbags lures me the 
same way street style lures me. Runways are always capable of providing a fantasy, it lets you dream 
about the woman you want to be and how you'd want to dress. Street style let's you see that 
translated into the real world, and by that I mean the real world in the fashion sense. 

It's no wonder that the fame of editors such as Christine Centenera are beginning to eclipse 
the traditional fashion muses. Meanwhile, I'm just trying to get my hands on a pair of those
Celine Shadow sunglasses.

x karen

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  1. I have to agree and say I loved this feature. Vogue keeps it fresh. Loved this post x

  2. I LOVE these 'whats in your bag' type images. They are such a great insight into peoples personalities. And I think thins like this can sometimes be more appealing to actual catwalks and shows because they are so personal

    Great post, need to get my hands on a copy of this mag issue

    Rianna xxx