Thursday, 14 June 2012

wish i'd bought ALAÏA LACE-UP SANDALS

I was going through my shoedrobe the other day and I realised I was in desperate need of some Alaia. If I ever get robbed at gunpoint I want to be able to act indignant and question the robber's knowledge of Parisian fashion houses. A girl's got to be prepared y'know? I mean, Carrie Bradshaw may have lost her Manolos but Cher had to dirty her Alaia, she kind of owns being robbed at gunpoint. But in all honesty, I would like to relive that scene, except without the gunpoint robbery part. So really, I just want to prance around LA in Alaia. Sue me.

So, if you have an extra 1.5k sitting around- pick yourself up one of these bad boys. The shoe of choice for Taylor, Carine & le Man Repeller. Oh wait, you can't. Sold out online bitches. They were briefly on sale- for the very reasonable price of 700ish, but it really was a situation of blinking and they're gone. In war, there is not time to think about your purchase. There's always someone around waiting to steal what's in your purse virtual basket. 

Now repeat after me: I sincerely swear that should this ever occur again, I shall have my left hand wielding a credit card and my right hand steady over the check out button. 

You know what they say- the higher the heel, the closer to god.



  1. haahah they are gorgeous!! i definitely would never be able to afford those bad boys


  2. LOL, i laughed out loud in the library at what you wrote. I blame you for all the dirties i'm currently getting . lol But seriously, I hope I don't see those shoes on you KAREN! think Thailand before making irrational purchases!

  3. ah those are the ones I dream of as well...